The 2 Best Weight Lifting Exercises to Build Muscle Mass

In this article we explain which are the best weight lifting exercises to build muscle, and why.

Ok, so which do you think is the most well known weight lifting exercise across the world? The bicep curl. Think about it, just pretend you were playing charades and you had to act out a guy working out in the gym. Which exercise would you most likely act out to give it away? Yup, the bicep curl!

The bicep curl and its variations are very popular exercises, but does this mean that they are the best weight lifting exercises? Certainly not.

Every day in my local gym I see so many guys trying to grow big arms by doing set after endless set of bicep curls. The truth is the majority of these guys are wasting their time, and they won't see the results that they're after. And this happens in gyms all over the world, every single day.

It's not physically possible for you to get huge arms by simply doing bicep curls. Why is this so? The answer is simple.

The human body is a living organism and works as a whole. It does not work as separate groups of muscles. This is why you can't expect to see big gains in one area without training the rest of your body.

Think about it for a minute, do you ever see skinny guys with massive 18 inch biceps? It's not physically possible.

Bicep curls and the like are called isolation exercises, as they work only a specific muscle group. By doing isolation exercises by themselves, you won't see any results at all.

So what are the best weight lifting exercises then? Compound exercises! When muscle gain is your goal, compound exercises are your best friend.

As the name suggests, compound exercises work multiple muscle groups all at the same time. They have been proven over and over again over the years as the best way to pack on muscle mass and increase your strength. Some common compound exercises are the deadlift, squat, bench press, overhead press and pull ups.

These exercises place a lot more stress on your body than non-compound exercises, and therefore they are harder to perform. But because they break down more muscle fiber than other exercises, it means more muscle gain for you.

Some trainers avoid compound exercises simple because they are very taxing on the body. But the most common mistake made by many novice weight lifters is to choose exercises that are comfortable and easier to do.

So if you're serious about reaching your goals, focus your entire training schedule around compound exercises. Note that you should give these exercises priority over other exercises and they should be performed early in your workout whilst you are at your freshest and strongest. Treat them with respect.

The two best exercises in the world of muscle building is the deadlift and the squat. The deadlift is renown as the king of upper body exercises, with the capability of packing more muscle mass onto your upper body than any other exercise.

And the squat is the king of the legs and with good reason. Doing heavy squats will completely transform your physique, especially your lower half.

So if you're not currently using compound exercises in the gym and you think you're on the right track, think again. You won't get very far without them!

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