The Top Step By Step Fitness Programs

Building a significant amount of muscle mass and/or getting ripped within a few months and changing your life is very achievable if you have an effective, proven program at hand. We have taken a look at the very best step by step programs out there and narrowed it down to only the very best programs which provide all the information, tools, and pre-written plans that you need to achieve the body you've always wanted.

Top Rated Muscle Building Program:

No-Nonsense Muscle Building

Author: Vince Delmonte

Recommended For: Beginner-Intermediate Trainers


Program Overview:

Vince Delmonte's best-seller No-Nonsense Muscle Building is a complete muscle building success package which contains all the information and action plans that you need to immediately get started on the road to the body of your dreams. This is the program that Vince personally used to transform himself from a very skinny long distance runner into a fitness model champion, and the program has helped thousands worldwide create their ultimate physique.

About The Author:

Vince Delmonte is a best-selling natural bodybuilding author who has been dubbed as the "Skinny Guy Savior". He earned this name by dedicating his life to transforming the lives of the skinny, scrawny wimpy guys & skinny girls – helping them become healthier, fitter and more confident in their bodies. Vince's program No-Nonsense Muscle Building has sold more than 80,000 copies in more than 120 different countries. He is also a WBFF Professional Fitness Model.

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Top Rated Fat Burning Program:

The Truth About Six Pack Abs

Author: Mike Geary

Recommended For: Beginner-Advanced Trainers


Program Overview:

If you are serious about achieving the almighty six pack abs, this program is for you. This program has been one of the most successful fat loss programs over the years and still sells very well. Almost every single guy or girl wants a flat stomach that shows off their abs, yet most people don't know the truth about how to actually get there.

This program cuts through all the B.S and gives you the honest truth about what it takes to get 6 pack abs including the most effective training and exercise advice, complete nutrition coverage, and extras such as simple healthy recipes that taste great! It's very detailed yet it's a simple program to follow and if you simply stick to it you will eventually achieve your fat burning goal.

About The Author:

Mike Geary is a Certified Nutrition Specialist and a Certified Personal Trainer. While writing the program, Geary tirelessly researched how to lose body fat and poured over science journals and textbooks about the best kinds of exercises that work the abdominal muscles and the most effective nutrition principles. He also practices what he preaches and has an amazing physique himself.

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