About Me & My Hardgainer Transformation

If you're wondering who the hell I am and why you should listen to a single word I say about building muscle, fat loss, and health in general, first of all I'd say great question. Whatever you do, don't ever blindly listen to a word anyone says online without having your wits about you and investigating whether or not they're actually worth listening to. This site is of course no different, and I don't claim to be some know-it-all guru, but based on my experience and real-world results I have discovered a thing or two about how hardgainers can achieve more success than they probably realize is even possible for them.

So if you wanna know a little about me and my continually-evolving and ongoing 12 year journey in fitness, read on. I'm not one who finds it easy to talk about myself, but here goes, and you have a right to know if I'm going to be sharing so much info about these topics, so you can be the judge as to how much weight you should add to what I'm saying (pun intended).

I'm JD, and if I had to sum myself up in one sentence in terms of who I am, I'd say I'm a kind of modern mad-scientist of health and fitness, specifically of hardgainer muscle gain. I'm your classic, typical muscle-building hardgainer, who started off in a position where I was literally laughed at for exclaiming to friends and family that I would one day have the physique of a successful natural bodybuilder, fitness model, or [insert-your-favorite-superhero]. I can't remember the exact example I gave back then, but pretty much...I said I was gonna be big. Strong. Super muscular. Ripped. 

"Dude, you're naturally super skinny..that's just your genetics and how you are and will always be"

That's the kind of stuff I'd hear all the time. Looking back, they had reason to rib me for my aspirations of building a great physique: after all, I was quite literally THE skinniest, scrawniest guy on my football team growing up. I could practically say anything that I like here to pour on the story, as this is the internet after all where anyone can claim anything...but old friends are a testament that I was practically borderline-anorexic type of skinny.

Not only did this hold me back in sports (not just football but all sorts), but it sucked it various other ways. For example, I was an easy target for lowlifes and drunken idiots in my then-low-income neighborhood whom seem to love starting fights and trying to rob you (it was no Compton but I was attacked a few times), and I was practically invisible to women at the bar, who, let's face it, despite desiring character traits above all as they should (well, the good ones worth your time, anyway), do appreciate a guy who is in shape and don't exactly gravitate too much to a 10 pound toothpick who look like they couldn't withstand a strong breeze let alone withstand a bully or other nefarious character who prey on the weaker-looking.

To cut things short so you don't have to listen to me ramble about my life story here (this site is about YOU, not me), after much initial frustrations with trying to gain weight and build muscle, and a lot of trial and error and making a ton of mistakes and spinning my wheels, I eventually started to get results after finding good mentors and sources to learn from, and my results picked up steam over time to the point where these days I have what I always wanted in the health and fitness department, which has spilled over positively into other areas of life as well.

I managed to build a significant amount of muscle mass over months, and then years, as well as burn a lot of excess fat along the way to maintain a lean, super-ripped and muscular fitness-model style physique which I now pretty much maintain year-round.

At one stage I got seriously huge though, completely naturally, and a couple people I knew even thought I was on juice based on the fact that I was so, so skinny starting out. I got to exactly on 100kg (220 pounds), the heaviest I've ever been, which was such a dramatic contrast to where I initially started as a super-thin hardgainer (I was around 60kg / 132 lbs, but 6 foot so that made me even skinnier) that some people were quite bewildered at how I did it.

Most people's reality doesn't really accept that you can go from 132 lbs to 220 lbs (a lot of it muscle, too) without some sort of un-natural help. Especially as a "hardgainer" (although most people don't know what that is). I just took the juice claim as a compliment, as I never have and never would do that personally (just my opinion).

My point with this is that I understand what it takes to gain a lot of muscle, gain weight, and do a total 180 on your physique (as a hardgainer too which made it a little harder). You can absolutely do the exact same, no matter how silly it may seem to you or those around you who don't understand just how adaptable human bodies are (and what hard work and smart strategy can really accomplish).

Health and fitness is a huge passion of mine in life, and a big focus of mine over my fitness career has been striving to pinpoint exactly how any guy, no matter where he's starting from or how hopeless he seems, can take full control of his fitness destiny to create the body, mind, health and life of his dreams. I've figured out how to turn your body and life around completely, and I get a great feeling inside when I can guide others to have similar life-changing transformations of their own.

My biggest focus within the grand spectrum of fitness over the years has been muscle gain: I've been borderline-obsessively learning, studying, applying, testing, tweaking and fine-tuning all aspects of strength-training, nutrition, and everything else in-between since way back in 2006, learning from the best trainers and sources that I could get my hands on, and also extensively testing things myself and coming up with my own conclusions and thoughts on this subject.

I hope that you find value here, and that this about page wasn't too cheesy, and if I'm able to positively influence you just 0.01% along your journey then this humble site has done its part. Good luck, and remember one thing: if you never give up, you can never fail; you'll eventually succeed in due time if you just keep going no matter what, always striving to get better and better over time. Put in the time and effort and anything you want can will be yours.

Peace and love and all that stuff.


"Nothing in this world can take the place of persistence. Talent will not: nothing is more common than unsuccessful men with talent. Genius will not; unrewarded genius is almost a proverb. Education will not: the world is full of educated derelicts. Persistence and determination alone are omnipotent."

- Calvin Coolidge

What Some Readers Have Said

The following are a handful of testimonials sent in from readers about this site. If you've found my articles helpful and feel like sending in your 2 cents as well, you can contact me here and use the title "testimonial" if you want it potentially included on this page when I get around to updating this page again. Thanks in advance guys!

"This website is awesome. Thanks for taking the time to put up all this great, free information."

- Cal, USA

"Found your site to be more informative than most for people just starting out. Good job."

- Joe L, USA

"Just read a couple of your articles about protein and creatine. Just want to say thank you for doing such a great job. There is so much crap on the Internet where everybody's promoting their own brand. Your articles are informative, unbiased and well written. Thank you!!"

- Brandon B, USA

"Hi, Well written articles, emphasing on fundamentals and common sense approach. Regards, Vishwanath"

- Vishwanath, India

"I just wanted to compliment you on your site I found it to be very informative and very inspirational. I have been training now for about 5 months and I am just about to start my bulking stages. I have made note of all of your useful tips and links on the website and will be sure to put them to good use. Thanks once again. Regards, Amir"

- Amir A, United Kingdom

"36yo beginning lifter here. Spent about 3 hours on the internet before coming across your site. There is so much marketing nonsense and BS out there it was refreshing and relieving to find the straightforward, to the point information you have assembled here. After reading through it I feel like I've likely saved a great deal of time, energy, and frustration in figuring out how best to structure an effective, sustainable program. Truly, thank you for having this site up. Very much appreciated. Ryan"

- Ryan V, USA