The Best Arm Workouts
For Huge Biceps and Triceps

In this article we take a look at performing effective arm workouts to build muscle fast. For the majority of lifters in the gym, having strong and muscular arms is of upmost importance. It's no rocket science as to why, who out there wouldn't like to have bulging biceps and triceps?

Although everyone is after great arms, few people actually know how to train properly to achieve them. You won't get a pair of guns unless you know what you're doing. If you learn how to perform the best arm workout possible, then you will see the best possible results.

A common mistake made by lifters is overtraining with their arm workouts. They focus on exercises that stimulate their biceps and triceps too much, and so their results are lacking. Overtraining any muscle group is a big no no if your aim is to build size and strength.

How many times have you seen guys in the gym doing sets and sets of biceps curls all the time? It's simply counter-productive, and won't result in any decent muscle gains. You should know this if you have read our muscle building workouts guide.

You need to give your muscles enough time to rest because they only grow in size and strength when you are resting them, not when you're working out. Training in the gym only sets off a spark for your muscles to grow. Overtraining may even make your muscles weaker and smaller.

Now that you understand that, you need to know a few more things about arm workouts. Firstly, your biceps and triceps are stimulated during any pulling exercises for the back, and your triceps are worked during any pressing movement for the chest and shoulders.

For example, when doing a basic barbell bench press to blast your chest, your triceps are also worked. And when you perform barbell rows you are stimulating your biceps too. This means that you're biceps and triceps only a need a few specific exercises for stimulation, since they are worked during your other muscle group workouts.

On top of that, the bicep and tricep are fairly small muscle groups, so that further adds to the point that you don't need a lot of direct arm stimulation.

So to put everything together, I would recommend your bicep and tricep workouts consist of 2-4 sets of direct arm exercises. Here is a sample routine for you to use:

Bicep Workout
2 Sets of Standing Barbell Curls (5-7 reps)
1 Set of Seated Dumbbell Curl (5-7 reps)

Tricep Workout
2 Sets of Close-grip Bench Press (5-7 reps)
1 Set of Cable Pulldowns (5-7 reps)

These are perfect examples of an effective arm workout for you to use. You can change the exercises, for example you could replace that one set of cable pulldowns with bench dips if you prefer that. In the end its up to you, aslong as you choose basic yet effective bicep and tricep exercises mostly consisting of free weights. The exercises in the sample above are excellent choices.

Remember to use a heavy enough weight so that 5 to 7 reps is a challenge to you. Also, each week you should be either increasing the weight slightly or doing 1 or 2 reps more with the same weight so that your muscles grow in size and strength.

There you have it, you now know how to perform effective arm workouts for the best muscle gains of your life. Remember to work all your other muscle groups too, and don't get carried away with your arms.