The Best Step-by-Step Fat Burning Programs: 2018 Edition

Note: If your main goal is to build muscle instead of burn fat, see our Recommended 2018 Muscle-Building Programs instead.

Last Updated: Feb 1, 2018

Here we'll list any noteworthy fat loss programs that have stood the test of time, have proven results, are written by credible authors, and are worth considering if you prefer to follow a pre-made step by step program for your cutting / fat burning phase.

Losing excess bodyfat whilst also maintaining as much of your hard-earned muscle and strength isn't always easy, so these programs may be the edge you need to tip the odds in your favor and actually follow through to get that mighty 6 pack.

One thing I pride myself on is my B.S. meter after over a decade of fitness experience and extensive research of the top trainers, so I'd only ever include a fat loss program that I've either used myself or would use myself - no crappy products allowed and only the best of the best.

#1 Recommended Fat Burning Program:

Fat Burning Kitchen

Author: Mike Geary

Format: In-Depth Manual (PDF Download) + Bonuses

Recommended For: Those who want to get ripped solely through smart nutrition.

Rating: 5/5

Program Overview:

Fat Burning Kitchen was written by credible, long-time best-selling fitness author, certified nutrition specialist and personal trainer Mike Geary who spent years obsessively dissecting in painstaking scientific detail how to tweak your nutrition and the foods you eat to effectively burn fat, including that stubborn excess fat that is hiding your 6 pack and that is super-difficult to get rid of without the right knowledge.

Mike's the real deal who practices what he preaches and has helped hundreds of thousands of guys AND girls with his previous programs, and this is his latest and greatest fat burning program.

In a nutshell it's an absolute goldmine of intelligent, science-backed nutrition tips, strategies, and hacks that will allow you to reach your fat burning goals easier and faster than if you were to slug it out yourself with trial and error.

The whole emphasis of this program is gaining an in-depth understanding of how nutrition affects fat burning and implementing a smart eating plan as your main weapon of attack to lose weight and maintain your muscle mass (without cardio which isn't necessary if you get your meals on-point like this guide teaches).

Highly recommended if you're interested in learning from a true nutrition pro who walks the walk. 

If you follow this program simply continue lifting like you normally would to maintain your muscle mass and you'll get ripped in no time - if you stick with it of course. Not everyone has the discipline to implement highly effective nutrition strategies that may go against what you're used to.

Learn more or download Fat Burning Kitchen here.

Honorable Mention:

No-Nonsense 6 Pack

Author: Vince Delmonte

Format: In-Depth Manual (PDF Download) + Bonuses

Recommended For: Guys or girls looking to burn fat effectively whilst maintaining muscle mass

Rating: 4.5/5

Program Overview:

Vince also has a great muscle-building (ie bulking) program which we included in our top-rated muscle-building programs, but this program is instead targeted specifically for those who have achieved a certain level of muscle mass and now wish to strip the fat and lower your body fat percentage whilst also maintaining as much (if not all if you're smart about it) of that muscle mass you worked so hard to attain.

The program is jam packed with an insane amount of value and covers practically every single thing you need to know about effectively burning fat and finally getting that elusive 6 pack.

Like any Vince program, there are tons of amazing testimonials/transformations from guys (and gals) around the world and lots of helpful additional video content included with the main workout and eating plans (such as exercise demonstrations).

Highly recommended if you want to do a beeline from where you are now and head straight towards your body fat percentage goal within a few months of focused effort, but ONLY if you're committed to actually sticking with it for the few months required otherwise don't bother.

In the end, the results will be worth it though and if you follow this program to a T then it'll actually be enjoyable as you can eat many foods that you likely love. Learn more about Vince's cutting program here.