The Top 2 Best Weight Lifting Exercises of All Time for RESULTS

(and the truth about isolation exercises)

Last Updated: Feb 2, 2018

In this article we look at the best weight lifting exercises to building your ultimate physique, but first let's pretend you were playing charades and had to act out a guy working out in the gym.

Which exercise would you act out? Of course, the good-old bicep curl.

Best Exercise? Or Waste of Time?

Don't get me wrong, I love me a couple bicep curls every now and then.

But they're a slightly deceiving trap for many beginners who lack understanding of how the overall muscle-building process works, and every day at your local gym across America and the world you'll see guy after poor guy performing endless set after set of bicep curls and related exercises.

It's not only over-used by newbies who don't know any better but also way over-prescribed IMHO by many "professional" trainers alike, but they're not going to be the real solution to building a strong, balanced, muscular frame.

In fact, as a skinny noob it would NOT be physically possible for you to get huge arms by simply doing bicep curl after bicep curl for the next millennia.

The human body is a living organism and works as a whole and it does not work as separate groups of muscles. Let me explain what I actually mean by that vague statement.

Think about it from another angle - do you ever see skinny guys with massive 18 inch biceps? It's not possible because you'd need to have built strength in surrounding muscle groups to get to that level of arm growth in the first place.

This is why you can't expect to see big gains in one area without training the rest of your body. 

Bicep curls and the like are called isolation exercises, as they work only a specific muscle group, as opposed to compound lifts which work multiple groups.

By focusing too much on isolation exercises, you're robbing yourself of strength and muscle gains overall.

So what are the best weight lifting exercises then? Compound exercises! When muscle gain is your goal, compound exercises are your best friend.

As the name suggests, compound exercises work multiple muscle groups all at the same time. They have been proven over and over again over the years as the best way to pack on muscle mass and increase your strength. Some common compound exercises are the deadlift, squat, bench press, overhead press and pull ups.

These exercises place a lot more stress on your body than non-compound exercises, and therefore they are harder to perform. But because they break down more muscle fiber than other exercises, it means more muscle gain for you.

Some trainers avoid compound exercises simple because they are very taxing on the body. But the most common mistake made by many novice weight lifters is to choose exercises that are comfortable and easier to do.

So if you're serious about reaching your goals, focus the majority of your training schedule around compound exercises, and only use isolation exercises at the end of your main muscle groups (or if super-setting with a related muscle group etc).

Give compound exercises priority over other exercises and perform them first when you are at your strongest. 

The two best exercises in the world of muscle building is the deadlift and the squat. The deadlift is renown as the king of upper body exercises, with the capability of packing more muscle mass onto your upper body than any other exercise. And the squat is the king of the legs, and with good reason as ding heavy squats will transform your strength, size, power, balance, and posture.

Respect the deadlift and the Squat, learn how to do them correctly, and gradually built up strength with these two lifts and you're setting up a solid base for killer results.

If you want specific step by step instruction for these top exercises and more then check out the recommended muscle-building programs which also contain intelligently-crafted workout and meal plans for skinny guys looking to max gains. Good luck.