The Body Transformation Blueprint by Sean Nal: 2019 Updated Review (Waste of Money or Worth It?)

My Thoughts and Before/After Pics After Many Months Trying This Online Muscle Building Program

The Best-Selling Online Mass Gain Program by Sean Nal. Looks Slick, But is it Worth a Damn?

Last Updated: Apr 4, 2019

This is my raw, honest Body Transformation Blueprint review based on extensive personal experience using this natural bodybuilding program/E-Course (and giving it a real honest go for many months).

Created for hardgainers, weight training beginners, and/or ectomorphic body types (naturally super-skinny) who are looking to effectively gain the most muscle mass possible in a short period of time, it's a popular muscle gain program by fairly well-known natural bodybuilding author Sean Nal (short for Nalewanyj) - but popularity doesn't always equal quality.

The program is praised by a fair few people around the internet as one of the very best all-in-one muscle building programs online...

But here's the deal:

This review of the Body Transformation Blueprint by Sean Nal is written from the perspective of someone who prides themselves on being as objective as possible with a strong BS radar (me), but most importantly - I actually have first-hand experience with applying the program over a long period of time.

The majority of the online reviews for the Body Transformation Blueprint are written by people who haven't actually used the program themselves, as is evident by reading their site and their review. 

Sean Nalewanyj is a well-known Natural Bodybuilder, Author & Fitness YouTuber

Many of these reviews are literally people just trying to score a sales commission by blindly hyping the program and recommending it to every man and his dog, despite not even having used the program themselves meaning that they cannot possibly write a legit review and judge its worth properly.

The program is not for everyone, and you want to make sure it's the right fit for you before spending your hard-earned cash. I've mentioned it around the site for a while as an option for those wanting a step by step solution, but I thought I'd write a full Body Transformation Blueprint program review with a breakdown of what it actually is, how it works, and my personal thoughts and experiences with using it to inform you if you're perhaps on the fence about whether or not it's right for you (or if you're straight-up wondering if it's a scam or total waste of money).

What is the Body Transformation Blueprint? (& What's Included)

The Body Transformation Blueprint is a long-running, best-selling online muscle building program created primarily for hardgainers/skinny guys to streamline and maximize their muscle gain and fat loss results, in as short a time as possible (months, not years) and without needing to hire an in-person, expensive personal trainer every week.

With its main course (the in-depth Body Transformation Blueprint eBook) and bonus supporting modules, the program teaches you absolutely everything you need to know to effectively build muscular weight (without getting fat) and then burn fat (without losing your hard-earned gains), all in the one convenient, downloadable package.

Created by former hardgainer Sean Nal, who is a well-known, respected figure within the natural bodybuilding and fitness community with a large YouTube following, the program is based on the latest science-backed strategies and real-world results (not just theory).

The before and after photos of Sean applying what he teaches in the program

Included are properly-structured, well-balanced and easy-to-follow step by step workouts for each major muscle group, healthy eating plans for different calories to maximize muscle growth and minimize gains in body fat (which is inevitable to a certain degree when bulking up), a very informative no-BS supplementation guide which scientifically breaks down all the popular bodybuilding supplements out there and which you should and shouldn't be using to max your results, and even more bonus modules to make your transformation over the next few months that much more attaintable (printable workout and measurement trackers, email coaching, exercise database with clear detailed instructions, and more).

What's Included in The Body Transformation Blueprint

The Body Transformation Blueprint (eBook)

The main course of the program, a 260-page downloadable manual based on Sean's extensive personal experience with natural bodybuilding which covers the latest science-based information and strategy on building muscle, strength, and burning fat in the shortest amount of time possible without needing to hit the gym every single day.

This may become your new fitness bible as it's chock-full of golden nuggets and powerful training and nutrition principles that most personal trainers simply would never know (they simply don't teach this stuff at PT school; and that's coming from personal experience as I am certified in Australia) 

A Look Inside the Table of Contents: (click to view larger)

The No-Fail Workout System

Step by step workout routines to maximize muscle gains in all major muscle groups, including specific instructions on exact sets, reps, rest, warmup sets, etc, and everything else you need to know to simply apply this week in week out without having to worry about designing your own well-structured, well-balanced split program.

The name sounds like something you'd hear in a cheesy late-night fitness infomercial (don't get me started on the sheer BS you see in those ads) but in reality it's the most legit training plan I've come across. For those wondering, it's a 3-day body part split which efficiently structures all the exercises so that you only need to hit the gym 3x a week. Going to the gym every day is completely unnecessary to effectively build muscle size and strength, and in fact often counter-productive (rest days are key and when you actually grow muscle tissue).

The No-Fail Meal Plans

Strategic, specific yet varied nutrition plans for different calorie counts that's optimally designed for both maximizing muscle gains and general health and energy. These are great as-is, and won't take forever to cook and prepare as well as being budget-friendly. You can obviously tweak these for your own preferences, which is exactly what I did, so long as you follow the principles that Sean explains well in the main Body Transformation Blueprint manual.

Extra Modules (Videos/Trackers/Recipes/Coaching)

With The Body Transformation Blueprint E-Course you get a bunch of bonus modules including an extensive set of videos instructing you how to perform every important exercise properly as a beginner. With the program you also have free access to 1-on-1 email coaching/help with Sean himself should you ever need a second opinion on your program, which will be invaluable to some guys as it's hard to get great tailored advice from someone with such great experience who's so in-tune with all the best, cutting-edge strategies to big results. You also get printable progress trackers for your workouts/diet/measurements, a natural bodybuilding cookbook, and more.

My Experience After Many Months (& Before and After Pics)

The program has been around for quite a while, and at times has been rated a best-seller by, but the important question is whether or not it's still a great program to use as a beginner starting out who's looking to get the best muscle building and fat loss results possible.

Remember, this review of the Body Transformation Blueprint is simply my own thoughts and personal opinion, although I wouldn't be writing this if I didn't feel I am in a good position to judge its merits as I've actually thoroughly used and experimented with the program myself over an extended period of time.

If I'm being honest, I was initially sceptical of the program and almost never took the leap to purchasing it back when I first seen it because I'm one of those guys who thinks I can figure everything out all by myself. Plus, whenever I see some cleverly marketed sales page to try and sell me a program or eBook or something, my BS radar comes on strong. 

However, whilst there's a lot of junk programs and products out there online in the fitness industry (not to mention a horde of overpriced, low quality supplements you'll never need) after persevering through the introduction video for the program, my intellect and gut feel both gave me positive signals (and my gut is usually right, is yours probably is too).

I decided to take the leap and give this program a go, 'cause at the time I was super scrawny (around ~130-135 pounds: see my stick-figure before photos below) and just couldn't seem to gain strength and size no matter what I ate or how I trained. I thought I knew how to put some meat on my bones and get bigger, but I was blind like the majority of others hitting the gym with hugely unoptimized strategies and straight-up bad routines and diets.

I didn't know what I didn't know, and was blind to what ACTUALLY gets effective muscle gain results.

You get instructional beginner videos on how to perform every exercise properly and safely

At the risk of sounding like a lame late-night infomercial, I'm seriously glad I put my ego aside when first stumbling across the program and took the little leap to give the program a go because it..well..changed my life. More specifically, it changed my fitness journey trajectory and from then on things were not the same ever again.

There's no real shortcuts in life to achieve anything worthwhile such as a great physique that will make YOU proud (do it for yourself first and foremost and not for others), but there most definitely are ways to cut your learning curve significantly by standing on the shoulders of others who have already walked the path that you wish to take.

Sean's program is exactly that - a way to avoid all the BS out there, narrow in on exactly what you need to know to build muscle mass as effectively as possible, and gain the insights and strategies from a true master in the field with decades of experience, and most importantly: amazing results himself starting from where YOU once were (so he understands exactly what it takes).

It's a breath of fresh air in a lifting industry full of endless clickbait, average and overpriced programs and eBooks, low quality cleverly-marketed supplements, and straight-up BS gimmicks and magical-fairy claims ("try this one secret trick and gain 20lbs of muscle in 1 week" etc...factually impossible). But is it right for you and should you buy it in 2019? Let's discuss further, because whilst it has helped me immensely (and many others) it may not be the program for you.

After a few weeks of following Sean's scientifically-backed, step by step workout and nutrition program I gained pounds and pounds of lean muscle like never before, and after about a month the eating and workout plans became habitual and that's when it gets really fun because you're motivated to keep going by the very noticeable results you're getting week in week out.

ultimate muscle building program

Don't Be Fooled by the Slick Covers...This Program is Seriously Helpful and Invaluable for Skinny Guys (only if you APPLY it though)

And success begets success, meaning that seeing small yet noticeable gains every week in your strength and muscle mass will further motivate you and you'll just keep getting wins over and over again week in week out and you'll feel and look amazing. After my initial few weeks of decent success with the program, I went on to gain a significant 40 pounds in around 1 year (mostly muscle), and whilst I actually did the work I give a lot of credit to Sean's program for opening my eyes to strategies that work real well.

Here's my own results which I obviously worked hard myself for, but honestly owe a lot of credit to Sean's teachings and specific step by step strategies laid out in his flexible program. In other words, there's no way I could have transformed this much (and in a relatively short amount of time) without the Body Transformation Blueprint program which helped to cut my learning curve dramatically:

I share my own results here with you not to impress you (not my style, and besides Sean's own transformation makes mine look like a joke) but as proof that this program can absolutely work for you despite starting out as a super-skinny hardgainer with an ectomorphic body type (ie naturally skinny and high metabolism).

The odds were seriously stacked against me when I first stepped foot in a gym as a clueless paper-thin noob, so as cliche as it sounds if I can bulk up effectively and go from skinny to my own little version of superman in only a year's time, there's no reason you can't either if you follow the same path.

When I first started and told some people I knew I would eventually build a large muscular physique, they would literally laugh at me and say I was just dreamin' as usual and that I was destined to stay small and skinny because that's just my genetic makeup. I understood their point of view, as it seemed far-fetched that I could ever build muscle mass and do a complete 180 on my weak physique as I had been the skinniest guy on my football team for as long as anyone could remember, but they didn't get the fact that "genetics" can be almost completely overcome with intelligent strategy (and determination).

Is It Worth Buying? (Overall Rating, Pros and Cons)

Many years on after I first put my scepticism aside and decided to take the leap to try Sean's program for a few months, I still consider it one of the best investments I made for myself, my knowledge, and my fitness goals in my entire life. It was the catalyst for me to understanding all of the crucial muscle building, fat loss and overall fitness basics that so many people overlook, and finally getting the results in the gym that I had always wanted.

I also learned a lot of intermediate and advanced tips and tricks from the program that still helps me to this day, and I still often use the exact same (or very similar) training routines and principles I first learned in the program to this very day (which still gets me results and allows me to maintain the physique I've always wanted with much less effort).

You don't need to buy a comprehensive bodybuilding program like Sean's to get amazing results, but it most definitely can help massively, especially if you're new like I was when first luckily stumbling across it. I honestly believe if I didn't somehow find Sean's advice and trust in his program for those first few months of my transformation, I would have very likely continued to spin my wheels for years in a plateau of not getting the muscle gain and fat loss results that I truly wanted. I might have eventually figured it all out on my own by researching everything online, piecing things together here and there, and constant trail and error, but perhaps not. I really don't know.

The included coaching and support from Sean is invaluable and gives you rare direct access to a super-knowledgeable natural bodybuilder

But what I do know is I can comfortably recommend The Body Transformation Blueprint to any guy - especially if you're a skinny hardgainer - who wants to fully maximize your time in the gym (and kitchen) so that you don't waste years of your life getting average to no results, which is unfortunately what happens to most guys who start a muscle gain program due to not having effective strategies and a proper mentor who has walked the walk and achieved exactly what it is they want from the exact place that they're starting from.

Again, you don't need to buy any program to get results, but it most definitely can fast-track things for you like nothing else as it's simply a matter of taking the time to learn and understand the program and then simply trusting the process and implementing it week in and week out.

If you do decide to design your own structured, balanced weight gain program from the ground up then make sure to do your research (see my main guide to building muscle here), and be wary of anyone's advice (me included) as you want to learn from people who have actually done what you're trying to do (and who started from your shoes too ie skinny/hardgainer/ectomorph).

Don't take any random personal trainers advice or program without investigating it fully, such as whether they actually got results with it themselves, whether it's well-structured for muscle gain with proper balance, rest, tempo, frequency, volume, etc, or whether they're just shoving any randomly-whipped-up program in your lap cause that's the easy thing to do. That's essentially the type of muscle building advice we were taught in personal trainer school, which I've been through myself (I got my certification in Australia) and found quite lacking with intelligent strategy if I'm being honest).

A genuine guy in the fitness space who's crafted a one of a kind program that focuses on the all-important fundamentals and avoids BS gimmicks and bro-science

I've tried a fair few different muscle gain programs over the years but Sean's is hands-down my top pick of them all (see all my program reviews here) and is the most in-depth, intelligently-crafted program I've used that completely does away with the need for a good personal trainer which can cost a fortune (so long as you are the self-motivated type 'cause if you buy this program and don't execute then don't waste your money).

Sean avoids any gimmicks, bro-science, and straight-up BS that's so commonplace in the lifting industry, and cuts through to the most effective, science-backed workout, nutrition and supplement strategies that he personally used to get amazing results in his own life and for many of his success stories (including yours truly).

Highly recommended if you're looking for a step by step program and can't be bothered creating your own or don't have the $$$ for a good personal trainer (as much as I riff about bad PTs around this site, there are a few good ones out there).

The included recipes was the only module I didn't use as I used my own recipes based on the meal plans provided, so I can't vouch for them (but I hear they're solid)

You can download the program instantly here and pretty much start lifting and eating optimally from tomorrow onwards to (hopefully) get the best gains of your life over the next few months.

Just whatever you do, stick with the program and trust in the process and you'll be waaay ahead of most people in the gym who haphazardly throw weights around without any well thought-out intelligent strategy behind what they do.

Anyway, that's it for this review and I hope my breakdown of the program and own personal opinion may help you decide whether it's right for your or not. I recommend it highly, but it's still not for everyone (see the cons below). Good luck!

My Rating: 4.5 / 5

Recommended For: Beginner or intermediate lifters wanting to fast-track lean muscle gains (without getting fat)

You get printable tracking booklets for your workouts, meals, supplements, goals and body measurements


  • The best hardgainer program on the market as of 2019, backed by a ton of success stories from guys with legit transformations from skinny to muscular in time frames ranging from a few months to a year (myself included)
  • Intelligently-designed, science-based muscle gain workouts that are easy to follow and fine-tuned for max gains (plus well-balanced so all muscle groups are hit effectively, with plenty of rest days)
  • Specific yet easy-to-tweak meal plans for different calorie counts that contain lots of variety (and are healthy yet tasty)
  • Many helpful bonuses, with my personal favorite being the exercise videos which show how to do all the best bodybuilding exercises with proper form and in the most effective muscle-stimulating way possible
  • Comes with a 60 day money-back guarantee in case you purchase and decide it's not right for you


  • A little pricey for some at around $77 (which is what I paid), but like many things in life you get what you pay for and it's a premium program for those wanting the biggest natural edge possible
  • Not recommended if you have an injury as you'd be better off getting an in-person trainer to be extra careful
  • Only recommended for the self-starting, self-motivated type who likes to train on their own and in their own time: nobody is going to push you to execute the program each week