8 Mental Tricks To Build Mass Muscle

Here I provide you with 8 mental tricks to help you build mass muscle. Building muscle is hard work, and requires a lot of strength, energy, and also mind power. Lifting heavy weights is very taxing on the mind and body.

The reason why a lot of people don't achieve massive gains in muscle strength and size is because they simple don't train hard enough!

The harder you train, the better your results will be and the more muscle you will be able to gain.

You need to try your best to push past the pain barrier and keep pushing those weights, no matter how hard it gets.

That one extra rep can be the difference between growing or not.

Consider using some of the following mental techniques during your workouts to help push you through the hard times and reach your goal to build mass muscle:

1. Life-threatening situations

Just when you think you can't push another rep, try to visualize a life or death situation in your mind where you have to move the weight otherwise someone will die.

As an example, if you're doing a chin up you could imagine that you are dangling on a cliff. Or when doing deadlifts, you could pretend that you are lifting a car to save someone trapper underneath.

2. Magnetic forces

Try to visualize the weights as magnets that are being magnetically pulled the opposite way. For example, when performing a bench press exercise picture a big powerful magnet on the ceiling, and that the bar is being pulled towards it.

3. Envision Your Muscles

The main goal of your workouts should be to break down as much muscle tissue as possible so that your body can then repair and regrow larger and stronger muscles. When doing an exercise try to visualize the fibers inside of your muscles tearing and breaking down, and knowing that the more fibers you damage the bigger your muscles will eventually become after you have rested.

4. Have someone watch

Some people perform better when others are watching, because you want to do your best to look good. It may sound silly, but it works for some people. Also, having a spotter may motivate you to train that little bit harder to build mass muscle.

5. Use positive/negative forces

Whilst performing a pushing exercise such as bench press or overhead press, try to imagine yourself pushing away something negative from you. Negative things to imagine could be feelings, material objects, or even people. For pulling exercises like pull ups or rows, picture yourself pulling in something good towards you.

6. Set crazy goals

Setting a ridiculous goal in your mind may help you to crank out as many reps as you possibly can. So say you are aiming for 7 reps, tell yourself instead that you have to perform 50 reps. Tell yourself and really believe that you have to and that you can do it. Chances are you won't get to those 50 reps (unless you're superhuman), but by truly believing that you could you were able to go as hard as you can in the exercise.

7. Close your eyes

Closing your eyes whilst pushing weights may help you to focus and bring out all your strength and power. I would only recommend this mental trick for the simpler exercises though, as it could be dangerous.

8. Channel the pain to someone you hate

This one may seem a little harsh, but weight training is a tough world. Try to envision in your mind that the pain you are inflicting upon yourself in an exercise is the pain that someone you hate will receive. This will only work if you truly hate and are angered by someone, and of course it won't work for everyone.

These mental tricks may well help you on the road to build mass muscle. Not everyone will benefit from these techniques, as it won't work for everyone. But I do suggest you at least give them a try sometime, you may be pleasantly surprised that one of them works wonders for you.

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