Build More Muscle Mass By
Resting Properly Between Sets

Here you will learn how to properly rest between muscle building sets in the gym to build more muscle mass. Many people make the costly mistake of using a specific rest time between their sets. For example, after finishing a set they may wait for exactly 2 minutes until they start their next set.

This approach of using timed rest periods is not the best way to go about it if you want to gain the most muscle mass that you can. Let's take a look at what someone would do using this flawed resting approach, and then I will explain what is wrong with doing this. We will use John as the name of our weight lifter for arguments sake.

Let's say John has just finished a set of tough deadlifts. He re-racks the barbell and is feeling out of breath, his heart is racing, and he is also feeling a light headed. He takes a sip from his water bottle and starts his stopwatch counting down from 2 minutes. John has learned somewhere that 2 minutes is an ideal time for resting between sets.

Once those 2 minutes are up, he's back at it with another set of heavy deadlifts regardless of how he feels. During his 2 minute rest period John paces around the gym trying desperately to catch his breathe and to get ready for the next set.

Beep Beep. 2 minutes have passed and John starts to unrack the barbell for his next set. He still feels light headed, out of breath, and his legs and back feel quite weak. But his rest time is up so he has to keep going on no matter how much pain he feels.

John is not 100% ready for this next set, so he only manages to put forth an average effort. He sets his stopwatch for another 2 minutes for his next set.

This approach of resting in the gym is a big mistake if you want great muscle gains. But if you learn the best way to rest between sets in the gym, you WILL build more muscle mass.

How to Rest Properly for Great Muscle Gains

The problem with having a set rest period between your sets, like John was doing in our example above, is that he is not training at his maximum intensity in all his sets because a lot of the time he won't be at 100% strength after only 2 or 3 or 4 minutes (whatever the rest period is) rest time.

And if you know anything about how to gain muscle, you know that you need to train with full intensity all the time to fully stimulate muscle growth. When you're not feeling at 100% strength for a particular set and you don't give everything you have, you are sacrificing a lot of muscle growth that could have occurred had you been working out at 100% intensity.

Your muscles grow when placed under heavy stress from the weights you lift. If you go into your sets at under 100% of your strength because you didnt give yourself enough rest, then you won't lift as much weight and you won't perform as many reps as you could have. Therefore, you will not see great results.

So scrap the stopwatch, and forget completely about timing your rest between sets. Give your body the time it needs to recover so that when you perform your next set, you will be at full strength and energy to lift the most weight and perform as many reps as you possibly can.

Another flaw of the timed rest period method is that it doesn't take into account that some exercises take more out of you than others. For example, exercises such as Deadlifts and Barbell Squats are obviously going to tax your body more heavily than Tricep Pulldowns. So you need to give yourself more time to recover on those harder exercises.

Listen to your body and make your own judgement on how much time you should rest between sets. Depending on the exercise, a typical rest time usually falls between 2 - 6 minutes. Make sure you are near 100% strength for every single set that you start.

Using this way of resting will go a long way for your overall muscle building results. You will build more muscle mass than you ever could before!

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