Achieving Fast Muscle Gain

Fast muscle gain is the most important goal of any muscle building routine. As our How Do Muscles Grow article explains, your muscles grow when they perceive the stress put upon them as a threat to their survival.

For fast muscle gain to occur, you need to train at a high level of intensity. This is very important if you want to add a significant amount of mass to your frame in a short period of time. Giving 100% effort in your workouts it not always easy, but it's well worth it in the end.

By high intensity I mean that your body needs to be pushed to an extent where it is at or close to its maximum potential, during your training session.

Each set of exercises needs to be taken to concentric muscular failure or close to one or two reps of failure in order to achieve the maximum muscle building effects.

There are two phases to all exercises, concentric and eccentric. The concentric (positive) phase of an exercise is the one during which you lift, such as pushing the barbell up in the air during a bench press.

The phase of an exercise when you relax the tension on the muscle, such as the lowering of the barbell in a bench press exercise, is known as the eccentric (or negative) phase.

Therefore, you can define concentric muscular failure as the inability to perform an additional repetition of the concentric phase.

When you perform a set of 5-7 reps as an example, each one gets tougher and tougher. You eventually get to the point where you simply cannot push the bar any higher, no matter how hard you try. Completing another rep seems impossible, despite your greatest effort.

When this happens it is called muscular failure and it is one of the keys to fast muscle gain. Some people do not believe in this style of training, of taking each repetition to muscular failure. However, you should be training at least close to this level of intensity, if not to complete failure if you want to see great changes in your physique.

Keep in mind that you must make sure to use proper form at all times when performing an exercise. Otherwise you may heavily stress your joints and connective tissues.

One of the main reasons that people fail to transform their bodies and achieve impressive physiques is that they simply do not train hard enough. They don't perform their exercises to an intensity level at which they can tax their body’s existing resources.

I've said it before and I'll continue to say it, go hard or go home!

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