How To Build Lean Muscle
Without Gaining Unwanted Fat

If you are committed to learn how to build lean muscle seriously without adding too much extra body fat then read on. A big mistake people make with their diet on building lean muscle is that they adopt a "see-food" diet, where they eat practically anything and everything in sight.

Sure, to gain weight and build muscle you need to take in a lot of calories, but a "see-food" diet can be counterproductive if you eat too much because you will gain extra fat along with the muscle and end up with a spare tyre around your waist.

Nobody wants that now do they?

It's scientific fact that if you eat too many calories over your maintenance amount, you will end up storing more fat. So instead what you need to do is focus on how to build lean muscle the proper way, and it's all about your diet.

Let's have a quick look at some important things that you should remember about putting on more lean muscle.

Calorie Cycling

A handy tip on how to build lean muscle without fat is to cycle your calories. This means that on your workout days you will take in more calories than on a non-workout day.

Your workout days need the extra fuel because of the intense weight training you should be doing. The additional calories you consume on your workout day should come in your post-workout meal/s.

Then on your non-workout days you won't eat as much (you still need to be eating a lot to build muscle though) so that you minimize any unwanted body fat gains.

Increase Protein Intake

Another handy tip to steer clear of a gut when on a muscle building diet is to eat more protein. As well as protein being the building block for building muscle, it has the highest thermic effect of food so that there's less chance it will turn into fat if you eat too much.

I would keep your protein levels between 30-45% of your total calorie intake though, no less and no more. Eating a large amount of protein like this will go a long way to keeping you thin.

Go Crazy During Post-Workout

After a workout your body will suck up any food you give it and use it to recover and build your muscles. So you should eat a lot of high quality protein, carbs, and some fat in the 3-4 hours following your weights session..

Aim to eat at least 40% of your total daily calorie intake during this single meal (or 2 meals spread out over your post-workout shake and then your post-post workout meal).

This is the time when your muscles are most in need of those nutrients and when they'll get shuttled right off into the muscle cells.

This is how to build lean muscle and stay lean, eating more calories after the workout and cutting back slightly during the rest of the day.

So there you are, some very useful tips to help you stay as lean as possible whilst packing on muscle mass.

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