Achieve Massive Muscle Growth
By Using Affirmations

Successful bodybuilders around the world achieve massive muscle growth not only with physical strategies, but mental ones too.

As well as training hard in the gym and following a proper nutrition guide, bodybuilders use mind power to reach their goals too. The mind plays an important role in being successful in transforming your body into the physique of your dreams.

The use of mind power to achieve super muscle growth is an often overlooked strategy. One of the most successful bodybuilders ever was Arnold Schwarzenegger, and if you haven't heard of him then you must have been living under a rock.

Big Arnie always used mind techniques to help him reach his big goals. For example, he would envision his muscles being bigger then they were, and this would assist him in achieving massive muscle growth throughout his bodybuilding career.

Another well renown bodybuilder Tom Platz reported similar mind techniques working wonders for him. He said he imagined in his head that his quads would grow to an enormous size, and sure enough, they did.

Bodybuilding requires a lot of mental focus and strength. It demands that you keep a positive frame of mind, and stay focused on your goals. Using affirmations is also a very common and helpful way that bodybuilders have used to focus and remind themselves of the goals they want to achieve.

If you didn't know, affirmations are simply positive or true statements that you repeatedly tell yourself to help you remember them and be consciously aware of them.

They stimulate your subconscious mind and when repeated, affirmations will positive affect the outcome of your present and future actions.

Affirmations can help to get you motivated by using the power of influence on your inner mind to overcome physical and mental barriers, and to help push yourself further than you thought possible so that you can reach super muscle growth over time.

When done properly and regularly, affirmations are of the most effective and useful mind strategies to get rid of any negative thinking and to cement an optimistic view on your goals.

Affirmations are helpful in all areas of life such as wealth, relationships, and self improvement. Bodybuilders use affirmations to their advantage to focus on their goals of either massive muscle growth, or burning fat, or whatever it is they want to achieve.

Try it for yourself. When writing bodybuilding affirmations try to use words that will spark motivation and drive you to reach your goals. A good tip is to write them down and post them on your bathroom mirror, or on your fridge where you can see them often. Read them out regularly to yourself too. Here are some sample affirmations for you to use and repeat daily.

I have lots of energy and strength today to overcome all my workout barriers such as pain and tiredness.

My positive energy will help me surpass my personal bests today.

The food I eat will influence my body to build lean muscle fast.

My biceps will grow to a huge size.

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