A Critical Muscle Building Tip
For The Best Muscle Gains

When performing your intense workouts in the gym, there is a simple yet very powerful muscle building tip you should always keep in mind to maximise your muscle gains.

The amount of muscle growth you experience due to your workouts is decided in a very small amount of time. This frame of time I'm referring to (approximately 60 seconds per workout) is the most important time for building muscle and will make or break your overall results.

Only 60 seconds of your workout will dictate your success.

Let's take a look at how this works. A typical workout will last about 60 minutes, yet only 60 seconds or so of that whole hour will contribute to building muscle. That's because you only stimulate your muscles to grow bigger and stronger when you are pushing yourself to the limit on your last reps of each exercise.

For example, say you are doing a particular exercise and you manage to perform 6 reps. Out of those 6 reps, only the last one or two reps will stimulate muscle growth because you are working really hard to perform them. The first 1-4 reps that you do are only used to get yourself to those all-important 5th and 6th reps that are difficult to perform.

See what I mean? Your muscles only grow when put under serious stress, and the final few reps of all your sets is when this serious stress kicks in. The time it takes for you to perform those last reps on your sets doesn't equal a lot of time, compared to the whole hour that you spend in the gym. But this small frame of time is going to affect your muscle gains immensely.

This muscle building tip is something really to think about. When you are pushing through those last reps of an exercise and your muscle are burning and aching, begging for you to drop the weights, you need to push yourself as hard as you can to keep moving those weights.

Are you wondering where I got the 60 seconds per workout time-frame from? Well, let's just say you perform 10 sets per workout, and in each set 6 seconds contribute to your muscle gains, then that makes 60 seconds per workout.

If you follow our advice and train 3 times per week, that makes 3 x 60 seconds, which equals 3 minutes per week. That's something to think about, 3 minutes of each week will determine whether your muscle building results are poor, average, or very good.

Train As Hard As You Can!

So to sum it all up, you must train with maximum intensity at all times for the best muscle gains possible. Your gains will be determined by only a few seconds per workout.

Building that strong muscular body that everyone desires is definitely not easy, and you must break through some pain barriers to get there. Hopefully this muscle building tip has been helpful to you, and has made you look at weight lifting from a different perspective.

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