Should I Train To Muscle Failure?

In this article I will explain what muscle failure is and whether you need to exercise in that way if you want to build muscle. Some people swear by it, and some people are heavily against it, so what gives? Here I will give you the truth on the matter.

Training to muscular failure refers to performing a set until the point where your body is physically unable to complete another rep, no matter how hard you try. Training in this way ensures that you give all your effort in the set, but there is a lot of confusion and debate about whether you need to train to muscle failure or not.

Some people swear by it, and say that training to muscular failure is the best way to build muscle. This is not necessarily true, but yes training to failure does help in ensuring you are putting forth your full effort in the gym. But that doesn't mean you can't build muscle without doing it.

Think about how you actually build muscle. The main principle behind building new muscle tissue is that you improve from week to week. That means you either increase the weight you lift slightly, or increase the number of reps you perform slightly.

This is how you get stronger and bigger, so if you focus on improvement week by week you are bound to see results no matter whether you are training to muscle failure or not.

There are also some risks with exercising to failure all the time. It can put a lot of stress on your tissues and joints, so you need to be careful with it if you decide you want to train in that way. I also wouldn't recommend it to beginner trainers as it is an advanced technique.

I personally have experienced both sides of the fence, and have trained to failure and also trained without going to failure. I have seen results both ways, so in the end it's up to you on how you want to train and which you are more comfortable with.

Just focus on improving week by week and you will do well!

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