Guide To Natural Bodybuilding

This section of the site talks about natural bodybuilding as a sport. Here you will find articles on different topics related to bodybuilding, including useful information on mental techniques to reach your goals. Bodybuilding is not all physical remember, it requires the right type of mindset.

Here at the Building Muscle Guide we recommend you go the natural way if you do choose to get into bodybuilding, simply because it's the safest way.

Both men and women become interested in building a well sculpted body through the use of bodybuilding techniques.

Some even do it professionally and enter bodybuilding contests.

Natural bodybuilding simply means that you develop your muscular and defined body naturally, without the use of steroids or performance enhancing drugs.

Some regard bodybuilding as not just a sport, but an art form that becomes a lifestyle. By following a bodybuilding workout program and bodybuilding diet for some time, you gain a lot more than just a great-looking and strong body.

You become a lot healthier in all areas of life, you will gain a lot of self discipline skills, and your motivation and determination in achieving your goals will increase.

Natural bodybuilding will require a lot of effort and commitment if you want to see great results. There aren't any short cuts you can take to achieve a hugely muscular and ripped physique, just a lot of hard work!

Cheating yourself by taking anabolic steroids or similar substances can prove very dangerous to your health as you may already know. They are even fatal in some cases because they destroy organs such as the liver and kidneys. That's why in general we suggest all of you go the natural route.

Adapt Bodybuilding Techniques To Your Body

You must understand that everyone has different needs and this is true for bodybuilding too. A lot of beginner bodybuilders will follow what the "big guy" at the gym is doing, hoping to become just like them. The truth is, unless you have the same type of body and genetics as them, you'll likely get average results.

That's because you need to get a tailor made weight training program and custom diet to suit your body type if you want the best results. Obviously, a skinny guy with a high metabolism looking to pack on muscle mass will need to eat and train differently to a large 220 pound man who puts on muscle weight easily.

Also, before starting a highly intense natural bodybuilding workout program you may need to speak to a professional medical practitioner so you can better understand your body type and its needs.

Bodybuilding Contests

So you have spent a long time slugging out your bodybuilding regime and have developed a great body. Why not show it all off and enter a contest? Bodybuilding competitions are very hard to prepare for and require a high level of motivation, commitment, and discipline. It's not for everyone, only the more serious bodybuilding men and women.

The largest organization that deals with body building competitions is the National Physique Committee (NPC). Some contests are for natural bodybuilding only and require you to be drug-tested before competing, whilst others are not.

Staying Focused

To achieve the body of your dreams you must stick to your diet plan and workout routine. Like I said before, it doesn't matter what anyone tells you, bodybuilding is hard work!

It's a never-ending process of monitoring the types of food you eat, and how much you eat. The amount and types of carbohydrates, protein, fats, vitamins and minerals you intake all play a crucial part.

You will have to resist temptations many times. You will have to train hard in the gym, and push your body past its limits to shock your muscles into growth. You will have to eat a huge amount of food, many times a day. 5-7 meals a day is the norm here.

Then when you have gained enough muscle mass you must start cutting your body fat to become more lean and defined.

So does all this sound like a walk in the park? Didn't think so! Natural bodybuilding will become a lifestyle if you choose to pursue it, yet the results you achieve from it are well worth the while.

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