Guide to Teenage Bodybuilding

You always see reports on the news about the rise in teen obesity, but the increase in teenage bodybuilding never seems to be reported so you don't see the whole picture. Today, more and more teenagers are getting into bodybuilding and wanting to join gyms to sculpt their bodies.

Interest in weight training for teenagers is a rage these days.

Their main motivation is to improve their self confidence, become stronger for sports, and impress their peers (especially the girls).

That's definitely good news, because if you start becoming fit and healthy when you're young you're likely to continue it throughout your life.

The media and sports people also influence teens a lot. They want to become just like their role models on TV, in movies, or in their favourite sport.

Some teenage bodybuilders also go the next further and aim to get into professional bodybuilding one day. There are organizations out there who run bodybuilding competitions just for teenagers. Some current bodybuilding icons such as Arnold Schwarzenegger and Jay Cutler entered teen contests back when they were first starting out.

Teens need some extra advice though when starting an intense bodybuilding routine. Since their bodies are still developing they are more subject to harm than the average adult male. This article will take a look at teenage bodybuilding and what you need to take into account if you're getting into it.

Some Tips on Weight Training for Teenagers

The four main components to teenage bodybuilding is exactly the same as for an adult: Proper weight training, nutrition, rest, and supplementing. So the majority of the information here at the Building Muscle Guide will apply to teens as well as adults. Although, as a teenage bodybuilder there are some important things to keep in mind.

Teenagers that go to school may find it hard to fit in the 5-7 meals that's required for successful muscle building. But with a little planning and preparation, it can be achieved. For example, in-between different classes you will have a few minutes to chug down a protein shake or munch on a protein bar.

As for supplements I would take it easy with that. Don't go overboard, just stick to basic supplements that are very effective such as whey protein powders, meal replacements, protein bars, essential fatty acids, and extra vitamins and minerals. All these supplements are very safe for teens.

I would recommend you stay clear of creatine supplements until you're at least 18 years of age. Creatine just gives you that extra power you need to continue increasing your size and strength, and as a teen you are naturally growing anyway so you don't need the effects of creatine on your body.

Also, definitely stay clear of testosterone supplements. No matter what your friends or anyone else tells you, it may be damaging to you as a teen. Using testosterone supplements as a teen may even stunt your growth according to some people. So just ignore these types of supplements.

As for what exercises you should perform, if you're totally new to lifting weights than you should start with the basics. Doing push ups, pull ups, chin ups, crunches, dips and other basic movements will increase your strength and get you used to working out. Then you can move onto harder exercises.

Don't go for the hard and intense exercises straight away. I wouldn't even think of doing deadlifts or squats until you're at least 16 or so. These types of exercises are taxing on the body and as a teen you just don't need it, unless you seek professional advice. Weight training for teenagers doesn't have to be as intense and physical as adult bodybuilding.


So if you're a teen and are keen to get into teenage bodybuilding then you must be informed first. Do some research on the topic and read around on the internet for quality info.

Be confident about it and don't let others change your mind about getting into this sport at a young age. It's great for general well-being, health and fitness, and for your confidence.

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