Weight Gain Tips For Skinny Guys

In this article we will take a look at some weight gain tips for all you skinny guys out there who are sick of being thin and want to do something about it.

Asking the question "how do i gain weight" to the majority of people out there will often give you a confused or negative response. A lot of them would say "why on earth would you want to GAIN weight"?

The truth is, losing weight is such a common dilemma for people that the goal of actually gaining weight is often disregarded and looked upon as being unimportant. If you're a skinny guy who doesn't gain weight easily, then it can be quite frustrating trying to find information and advice on how to go about it. I know it definitely was for me back when I was skinny.

Anyway, if someone did give you any decent weight gain tips, it would go along the lines of "eat more food" or something like that. This may sound obvious, but it's spot on. Simply put, to gain more pounds you need to eat more.

The thing is though, everyone knows you must eat more to put on weight, but not many people actually do it right. A common problem guys have is that they think they are eating a lot, but really they're not eating enough to gain weight. You need to eat like a horse, especially if you don't naturally gain weight easily.

For a weight gain diet to work, you must eat more calories than you expend. The type of weight you gain will be dictated by the foods you eat and whether or not you perform some sort of weight training. If you slack off and eat a lot of junk food then you will just gain fat. That's obviously not what you want.

If you're like most people you will want to gain muscular weight, not fat, and by eating a lot of healthy foods and training with weights you can do just that. You may gain a little bit of extra bodyfat during your weight gain diet, but that's normal and you can always easily "cut" off the extra fat at a later date with cardio exercise.

Your diet should contain a good variety of quality high-protein foods such as lean beef, poultry, fish, eggs, whey protein and cottage cheese. You also need quality carbs such as rice, bread, pasta, cereals, and apples. Fats also play a role, and you shouldn't avoid them at all. Although its best to stick to Essential Fatty Acids as your main fat source.

Apart from eating quality whole foods, it's also a good idea to eat within a certain ratio for each nutrient. By this I mean that your diet should consist between 30-50% of protein, 20-50% carbohydrates, and 20-40% fats. Different ratios work well for different people and different goals.

For example, you could go with the ratios of 35% protein, 40% carbs, and 25% fats and see how this works for your weight gain. Experimenting with different ratios is encouraged.

I hope these weight gain tips that I'm sharing with you will help you realize that you can gain weight with a little planning and motivation. But your nutrition is only one part of the picture. An effective weight lifting regime is the other part, and without one you won't be gaining any muscle.

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