Weight Lifting Apparel and Clothing

You can increase the quality of your gym workouts by using the right weight lifting apparel such as comfortable clothing, shoes, gloves and lifting straps.

You don't want to be hitting the weights with tight and uncomfortable clothes or dodgy footwear. And if you're damaging your hands with heavy weights, then wearing gloves or using lifting straps may be the cure for you.

Here you will find information on all types of weight lifting apparel, and learn what their advantages are and why you should wear them.

Comfortable Clothing

Wearing the right type of clothing is pretty much a no-brainer. If you wear tight clothes it may constrict your movements and prevent a full range of motion, and obviously this is not something you want when performing weight training.

Simply wear loose fitting clothes that feel comfortable for you. You are going to sweat a lot too, so don't wear anything too hot!

Proper Footwear

The type of shoes you wear in the gym is quite important despite what some people might say. Heavy weight lifting can put a lot of stress on your shoes so they need to be comfortable, strong, and stable.

Check our our page on Weight Lifting Shoes to learn all about choosing the right type of footwear for your workouts.

Weight Lifting Gloves

Wearing a pair of good quality weight lifting gloves can go a long way. They prevent your hands from getting damaged from the heavy weights, and some people also experience a better grip with gloves.

On the other hand, many people also like training without them. So it's really a matter of opinion whether you wear gloves or not, they are not a necessity.

I personally only use gloves on certain exercises, but I know a lot of people who use them for everything and some who prefer not to use them at all. Like I said before, it's a personal choice.

Lifting Straps

A pair of weight lifting straps can help you greatly on your back exercises. They are worn on your hands and attached around the bar for strong grip when doing exercises such as deadlifts or barbell rows, where your hands and grip sometimes give way.

Read all about their advantages with our article Advantages of Weight Lifting Straps.

Weight Lifting Belt

Weight liftings belts aren't neccesary at first when you're not that built and strong. They will impede your progress by taking a lot of the work off your abdominals and back, which is not something you want when starting out.

But when you're more experienced and lifting much heavier weight, you may start seeing benefits to using a belt.

All this weight lifting apparel will certainly help you out on your way to building muscle, but the most important thing is how you actually train and eat.

Without effective muscle building workouts and a solid muscle building diet all this equipment is worthless. Don't get carried away with the latest fancy gloves or cool looking shoes, focus on the bigger picture, building some serious muscle!

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