Weight Lifting At Home

Working towards that impressive physique doesn't always have to be done in a typical gym. Weight lifting at home can be done just as effectively with the right planning and equipment.

There are lots of different reasons why some people may not wish to join a normal gym. Some common reasons include:

  • Can't afford a membership.
    Some gym memberships can cost quite a bit.

  • Uncomfortable or too embarrassed to train infront of others.
    When you are just starting out you will likely feel like everyone is laughing at you at the gym.

  • Busy lifestyle.
    You might not have the time to travel to and from the gym.

Whatever reason you have for not wanting to join a gym, don't fret! Building that strong, sexy, muscular body can be done at home too.

With your own home gym you don't have to worry about travelling to and from the gym, you can start your workouts whenever you want and on time.

You can choose to listen to your own music to get you in the mood, and you can grunt, shout, and yell as much as you like without annoying anyone.

The only disadvantage of weight lifting at home is you won't have as much choice in terms of what exercises to perform. For example, chances are you won't be able to get your hands on a leg press machine or a calf raise machine. Although if you really wanted to do these exercises, there are alternative exercises that you can perform with free weights to get the same effect.

But the good thing is, all the equipment needed for the vital exercises that make up your training program can all be purchased quite easily. Let's take a look at the vital equipment your home gym will need for effective muscle building workouts.

Squat Rack

This will typically be the most expensive piece of equipment you will need. Squats should always be a part of your muscle building program as they are very effective for blasting your legs, and they influence your overall body mass gains.

You can't substitute Squats for another exercise, so don't ignore buying a Squat Rack if you are serious about transforming your physique. The only exception is if you can somehow perform Squats safely at home without using a standard Squat Rack.

For example, you could use an apparatus of some sort which allows you to unrack a barbell safely and also has a safety catch if you fall with the barbell. I wouldn't recommend doing this though, unless you really know what you're doing. Squats can be dangerous.


I would recommend you buy an adjustable barbell with free-weight plates. Make sure you get enough freeweights so you can progress each week.


You will also need dumbbells for a lot of your exercises. Try to get adjustable dumbbells if you can, it will work out a lot cheaper than buying individual dumbbells for different weights.

Adjustable bench

A strong bench is also needed for your workouts. Try to get an adjustable incline bench, and catches if you train without a spotter.

Pull-up bar

Lastly, a pull-up bar to perform, yep you guessed it, pull-ups. Pull-up movements are very important to building muscle mass fast.

That's really all the basic equipment you need for effective weight lifting at home. So if someone tells you that you need to join a gym in order to build significant muscle size and strength, that's nonsense.

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