Weight Lifting Basics - Choosing The Best Gym For Your Workouts

In this weight lifting basics article, we explain the different factors that will affect your decision on choosing the best gym for your weight lifting workouts.

Picking a great gym is important because it can make or break your success in the area of weight lifting and building your body.

1. Location

Ideally you should pick a gym for working out that is near your own home or one that is on the way to your work. If your gym is not in a convenient location it will be easier to make up excuses to not go.

If getting to your gym involves a long time of travel, you will end up skipping more workouts because you will be less inclined to go there.

2. Price

You shouldn’t have to pay through the roof for your new gym membership. Don’t blindly sign any contracts for long term membership to the gym.

You can even get great discounts on basic gym memberships just after New Year’s Day or in the late summer months.

You may even be able to get some freebies in the form of nutrition counseling, trainers, daycare options, physiotherapy, fitness testing, and massage therapy.

Some people choose to workout at odd hours, such as late in the night or early in the morning, so it’s important to ensure that your chosen basic weight lifting gym will be able accommodate you at these times.

3. Demographics

Make a note of the demographics at the center. For example, gyms that cater mostly to women will probably lay more emphasis on cardio and yoga, rather than weight training.

Even a gym that caters mostly to hardcore weight trainers is not necessarily the best pick; although you’ll find the right equipment there, working out with seasoned pros whilst starting out with your weight lifting basics can be a little intimidating. On the other than though, it may motivate you more to workout alongside those who know what they're doing. I guess it depends on what type of person you are.

Ideally, on top of having all the necessary equipment for both cardio and weight training, a gym should have an atmosphere that inspires you to focus and train hard.

4. Personal Trainers

The presence of qualified trainers is also quite important, especially if you're a beginner and are starting with weight lifting basics.

When you’re starting out it is important to learn the proper techniques for different exercises so that you have a solid foundation on which to build an impressive body.

This is why it is important to ensure that the gym has qualified trainers. The trainers should be certified in basic weight training.

5. Gym Equipment

Make sure to take a look at the type and quality of equipment present at the gym. Does the gym have enough barbells and dumbbells? Is the number of weight machines enough for all the members?

Does the gym have sufficient stair climbers, stationary bicycles, elliptical trainers, treadmills, and other cardio equipment?

In a nutshell, your gym should have all the equipment that you will use during a basic weight training routine.

6. Gym Hygiene

Check that the gym is clean and hygienic. After all, people come here to sweat it out, so it’s important that there is a regular cleaning schedule for all the equipment.

It’s best if all the equipment is cleaned with a disinfectant every night; the lockers and showering area should be clean too. Nothing can be more distracting than the odor of a smelly bench when you’re performing your basic bodybuilding workout.

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