Advantages of Weight Lifting Straps

Buying a basic pair of weight lifting straps from the fitness store for 15 or so dollars can go a long way. Here we will take a look at why you should consider using them on your back exercises, and also some reasons why people prefer not to use them.

For those who don't know, lifting straps are used by wrapping them around your wrists and then the barbell/dumbbell or cable handle. This pretty much attaches the weight to your wrist, and the strain is taken off your hands and forearms.

Using weight lifting straps properly will allow you to focus all of your effort on the target muscle, which will most likely be the back muscles because you will only need straps for back exercises.

To understand the effectiveness of weight lifting straps, I will give you an example. Just say you're doing a set of deadlifts and you aim for 7 reps. On your 6th rep your grip fails and your forearms are killing you, so you cannot possibly perform another rep.

The point of deadlifts is to blast your back and upper body, so you shouldn't have to stop because of your grip. That's where weight lifting wrist straps come in.

If you were using lifting straps though, this would never happen because your grip and forearms are taken out of the equation. You can then concentrate on working your back for great muscle gains. You will also notice that with lifting straps you will be able to lift more weight immediately, and we all know that by lifting a heavier weight you will gain more muscle.

So if I were you I would definitely consider using straps on your back exercises such as deadlifts, barbell rows, and shrugs. The only disadvantage to them is that you won't be working your forearms as much, and your grip strength won't improve as much.

To combat this you can simply perform specific forearm and grip exercises, eg: Wrist Curls. I believe that the advantages of weight lifting wrist straps outweigh the single disadvantage they have.

So go out and get some! You can find them at most fitness equipment and general sports stores. Lifting straps will help you on your way to developing that wide, strong and muscular back that all lifters strive for.

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