What Is Fiber? What Does It Have
To Do With Building Muscle?

You may be wondering "what is fiber?" and why do bodybuilders need this substance? Everyone understands the importance of fiber for general health and well-being, but you may not have known that it is especially important that you are getting enough fiber in your diet if you are trying to build a muscular physique.

Fiber is an essential nutrient for any bodybuilder. Here we will explain what it is exactly and how much you actually need in your daily muscle-building diet.

What Is Fiber Exactly?

Fiber is a nutrient found in the cell walls of plants, and is sourced from some foods such as fruits, vegies, beans, and cereals. Due to the way fiber is chemically structured, it is actually indigestible to humans. It remains completely intact as it travels through your body. It is classed as a carbohydrate, but fiber cannot be broken down like typical carbs.

Why Is It Needed?

So what role does fiber play in building muscle and gaining strength? Well, fiber induces regular bowel movements in your body. What this means is that since you're most likely consuming a lot of animal meat like chicken and beef, there's a possibility that the meat stays in your digestive tract for too long which can pose long-term health threats. By eating enough fiber you can make sure the foods move along smoothly inside of your digestive system.

Also, fiber helps slow down what is called "gastric emptying". Simply put, its the process of food moving from your stomach to the small intestine. The slower the food is moved, the better your body can extract nutrients and benefits from the food. Fiber does just that. There's also another benefit to this slow-down effect: your body will stay in an anabolic state for longer, therefore decreasing potential muscle loss.

On top of these benefits to your digestive system, fiber can also regulate blood-sugar levels. This means a more gradual release of sugar in the bloodstream, and also lessens the risk of insulin spikes and excess fat storage.

How Much Fiber Should I Take?

Now you know, how fiber can help build muscle, but there’s one more question: how much fiber should be contained in your daily meals? Nutritionists recommend to increase the intake of fiber gradually. If you didn’t pay attention to your fiber consumption before, start with adding about 3 grams a day and strive for the norm of 25-30 grams a day. It’s for you to decide, whether to get fiber from natural sources or take fiber supplements – both variants are good and will help you have a muscular body.

Hopefully you now understand the importance of fiber to a muscle gain diet. You should aim to get 25-30 grams of fiber everyday. Achieving this goal from normal foods is fairly easy, although some people may need to take a fiber supplement. Either way is fine, as long as you're getting enough to reap the benefits.

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