How To Recover Faster After
Workouts For Building Muscle

If you're doing the right thing and putting forth a great deal of effort during your workouts for building muscle, then you must take the right steps in order to recover as fast as possible from your intense workouts.

We all know building more muscle mass actually takes place during your resting time, so you must take your rest and recovery time seriously if you want to see great results with your weight training.

Those who go to the gym day in and day out, and don't give their bodies the time it needs to recover, are only selling themselves short. Over-working your body such as this can even lead to you losing strength and even muscle mass.

So here are some very useful tips on how to recover faster from your workouts for building muscle:

Get Plenty Of Rest

When training to build muscle you need to use heavy weights and this requires a lot of effort, and takes a lot out of your body. So whilst on a program to build mass, you must give yourself enough rest or you won't see any results.

I would recommend taking a rest day after all your workouts for building muscle. Yes, you heard right, a rest day after every workout. So if you train chest, shoulders, and triceps on Wednesday for example, then take Thursday off and head back to the gym on Friday to train another muscle group/s.

If you are following my advice on this site anyway, you only train 3 times a week so this works out great. Your schedule would look something like this:

Monday - Legs, Abs
Tuesday - Rest
Wednesday - Chest, Shoulders, Triceps
Thursday - Rest
Friday - Back, Biceps, Forearms
Saturday - Rest
Sunday - Rest

This is what my workout routine looks like every week, and it works. Has done for years, and I'm not the only one who sees great success with this approach. Many well-respected bodybuilding authors and trainers use this routine for great effect too.

Proper Post-Workout Nutrition

The next important aspect of proper rest after workouts for building muscle is what you eat directly after a workout. The first 3-4 hours after an intense workout is called the "window of opportunity" in the bodybuilding world. It's a critical time in your quest to build muscle, and you must pay attention to exactly what you are putting into your body during these few hours.

I recommend breaking your post workout nutrition into 2 meals: one liquid shake containing whey protein and sugary carbs consumed immediately following your workout (within 15 mins of finishing your last set), and another whole-food meal within an hour and a half later containing lean protein and carbohydrates.

You can read all the details of this in our article Post Workout Nutrition.

Hot and Cold Showers

This is not as important as what I have said above, but I have heard it works for a lot of people so I'll include it here. Alternating between hot and cold showers has known to improve the speed of recovery after your muscle building workouts.

Get into the shower after a workout and turn it to a very hot temperature for about 20 seconds, and then straight away turn it to cold for a following 20 seconds.

Doing this has known to help reduce inflammation in your muscle tissue that could lead to soreness. So basically, it can help your muscles recover quicker in time for your next workout.


Also consider getting into the sauna after your workouts for building muscle. What the sauna will do is increase blood flow to your muscle cells and this could also speed up recovery times.

If you do decide to use the sauna, remember to drink extra water because you will be sweating a lot in there. You don't want to be dehydrated after a workout, so drink up.

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