Are Glutamine Powder Supplements Good for Building Muscle?

Here we take a look at the benefits of supplementing with glutamine powder, and why it is regarded as one of the more useful muscle building supplements out there. Glutamine is the most widely used amino acid in the human body and is critical to the muscle building process.

How Does Glutamine Help the Muscle-Building Process?

Glutamine is the amino acid in your body that prevents muscle breakdown. During times when your body is breaking down muscle, the glutamine in your body will work to combat this breakdown to try and preserve the muscle tissue that you have built.

Muscle breakdown happens all the time. For example, during and after an intense workout, when you don't provide your body with enough protein, and during sleep. The more glutamine your body has to work with, the better it can stop the process of muscle breakdown.

Glutamine can be found in foods such as fish, chicken, beans, and dairy products. But these foods only provide a small amount of the glutamine amino acid. You would need to eat a large quantitiy of these foods in order to get enough glutamine to significantly help build muscle.

So what many weight lifters do is supplement with glutamine powder to provide the body with enough glutamine to make a difference.

When to Take Glutamine, and How Much Should You Take?

Many experts in the field recommend taking at least 10-15 grams of glutamine powder each day, but in divided doses. Glutamine in powdered form is recommended over capsule form, as the capsules work out to be more expensive.

One of the most effective times to take glutamine supplements is straight after your workout. After an intense weight training session, your body can lose up to 50% of its glutamine levels. So it's a great idea to take about 5 grams at this time. On your non-workout days you should just take your glutamine powder with an afternoon meal.

The other important time is just before bed. During sleep you aren't providing your body with protein to promote muscle growth, so muscle breakdown will occur naturally. Supplementing with glutamine powder before sleep will minimize this breakdown of muscle. 5 grams of glutamine before bed will do the trick.

The Benefits of Glutamine

Apart from minimizing muscle breakdown, supplementing with glutamine has many other great benefits. Some of these benefits are:

  • Glutamine has a positive effect on the body's immune system. It helps you recover faster between your workouts and will help prevent illness.
  • Glutamine is a good nutrient to keep your intestines and bowels working properly.
  • Glutamine is known to help maintain your body's cell volume and hydration. It can speed up the healing of wounds and burns.
  • Studies have shown that glutamine helps produce growth hormone levels.

As you can probably tell, glutamine is a very useful amino acid and supplementing with it will do the world of good for your overall muscle building success. You won't see results immediately if you started taking it, but in the long run it will definitely help out.

What About Glutamine Side Effects?

You shouldn't worry about glutamine side effects as studies have found that it doesn't have any negative side effects. Glutamine is found naturally in the body, so there aren't any health risks.

Although, as with all supplements, taking excessive amounts isn't a good idea. Supplementing with too much glutamine may cause upset stomachs, so you should always stick to the recommended dosage.

So now you know all about the benefits of taking glutamine powder, why not incorporate it into your muscle building diet if you haven't already done so? Any serious weight lifter out there should take advantage of this highly useful supplement.