The Building Muscle Guide

Learn Proven, Effective Strategies to Gain Muscular Weight & Burn Fat

Follow the right advice, implement effective science-based strategies, be persistent, and a transformation like this won't merely be a Hollywood blockbuster fantasy but YOUR reality

Let's get straight to the point - you're tired of being skinny and want to level up and transform your physique. But you either don't know how, or you can't seem to get any good results despite trying to workout and eat more. Truth is, you're far from alone. Most naturally skinny guys struggle to put on any significant amount of muscular size and strength no matter what they try, and the majority who start hitting the gym will either get little to no results or will straight-up throw in the towel and quit within a few weeks or months due to lost motivation. But if you follow the right advice, you can avoid that fate completely and stack all the odds in your favor, to make building muscle a whole lot easier.

Starting a Mass Gain Program

3 Weeks Later

How to Actually Build Muscle Mass

You (But Not for Long)

Here's the truth - building muscle mass and completely changing your physique is 100% possible, even if starting out as the skinniest guy on planet Earth. I wasn't too far off such a label myself when I first started, so I speak from experience. Once you learn how to build muscle as a skinny guy using proven effective strategies that others have successfully used before you - strategies based on scientific principles of muscle growth - building muscle as a thin guy actually eventually becomes EASY if you simply stick with a well-structured, properly planned workout and eating plan.

The first half of the muscle building equation is your training regimen (diet being the other). There are different ways you can go about training for muscular gain, such as doing full body workouts or split routines (or even bodyweight workouts which can work well if you're smart about), or training say 2-3 times a week versus 4/5/6 days.

There's no perfect plan for everyone, and various different programs can work well for results, but just make sure to always integrate the main scientific principles of building muscle into whatever program you decide on. Whatever type of muscle building routine you decide on, what matters most is you plan it so you'll actually stick to it, so design a workout routine that fits in well with your lifestyle and that you hopefully find fun (although at first you might not find any weight lifting fun; don't worry that'll change as you start to reap results).

Time to Level Up

The second half of the muscle building equation, and just as important as your actual training routine, is what you eat day in and day out. You can execute the perfect workout routine to build muscle, but without the right eating strategy it's all in vain and you won't get anywhere, period. Again, like with weight training, most people kind of wing their diet, and then they wonder why they either aren't building muscle like they want to, or why wonder why they're gaining too much excess bodyfat along with that muscle. 

Despite what most supplement companies want you to think, supplements are completely 100% optional to get great results, and are NOT needed to build a significant amount of muscle mass effectively. They should be considered as their name implies; as a 'supplement' to an already solid eating plan if you want a little extra convenience in your eating routine (such as whey protein shakes to help reach your daily protein intake goal) or as a slight boost in the gym such as creatine supplements which have been proven to slightly increase athletic performance (but is only suggested for intermediate lifters once you've put in at least a few years of solid training to build a strong foundation).

What if I told you, despite what many would believe, a physique like this is possible for ANYONE