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The Ultimate Guide for Underdogs: How to Strategically Build Muscle & Gain Weight Effectively as a Skinny Hardgainer/Ectomorph to Forever Transform Your Physique & Life

Follow the right advice, implement effective science-based strategies, be persistent, and a transformation like this won't merely be a Hollywood blockbuster fantasy but your actual reality (& 100% naturally)

Last Updated: September 4, 2019

Let's cut the BS and get straight to the point...

You're straight-up sick and tired of being skinny.

You've had enough being the paper-thin, pencil-neck pushover you've likely been your whole life.

You want to change your physique, and gain the many life-changing benefits that come from doing that...

But you either don't know how...

Or you can't seem to get any good results despite trying to workout, eat more, and/or use popular bodybuilding supplements.

Sounds like you?

The truth is you're far from alone.

You (But Not for Long)

Most naturally skinny guys struggle to gain weight, build muscle and pack on any decent amount of size and strength whatsoever - despite actually wanting to and giving it a shot.

The majority who start a new muscle gain program will eventually quit due to lack of any tangible results, conceding defeat and blaming their average muscle-building genetics, forever giving up on their initial exciting dream of building a strong, ripped, and muscular physique...

But why?

Starting a Mass Gain Program:

4 Weeks Later...

Why do most never see great muscle building, weight gain and/or fat loss results in the gym?

Why do most end up quitting due to diminishing motivation levels due to average (or no) results?

As a skinny beginner/hardgainer, are you genuinely doomed thanks to your genetic makeup, and is building the superhero or fitness-model style physique really out of reach?

Here's the truth.

The Biggest Problem You Face as a Skinny Hardgainer

Most information and advice about bulking up, building mass, gaining muscular weight...however you wanna put it... isn't targeted for YOU:

The slightly genetically-disadvantaged scrawny weakling with a high-metabolism to boot.

If you want to put some meat on your stick-figure frame and gain muscle, you gotta be real careful from where and from whom you take advice. 

Generally speaking, the fitness/bodybuilding industry has it's fair share of good guys and gals who mean well and who do their best to give you good information on what works.

But here's the cold, harsh reality...

It's a billion dollar industry chock-full of opportunists and scammers and worse.

An industry with a overarching primary intent to sell you stuff, sell you more stuff you never knew you needed, and to keep selling you more and more and more stuff.

The focus of many (most?) companies in this space isn't to educate you with the highest-quality, life-changing information that would make you self-sufficient and enable you to get amazing results, never having to rely on buying a slew of (mostly useless) products ever again.

Nope - fitness (and health) is big business, with people cashing in on the mass ignorance of the masses every millisecond of every day. 

Cleverly marketed almost-always-over-priced-and-unnecessary bodybuilding supplements?


Unnecessary fancy machines, gym equipment and training accessories?


More hypey "magic pill" supplements?


Overly expensive personal trainers who often don't know what they're doing (not being rude but practically anyone with half a brain can get "qualified")?


Some more supplements?


Endless fad diets, fad workout programs, and breakthrough secret "hacks" and "tricks" to transform your physique overnight?


Fitness magazines chock-full of ads for some more supplements with a side-serving of thin, low-quality information?


And to add insult to injury and further insult our intelligence, have you seen some of those late-night magical-ab machine infomercials and the like? (who the heck falls for that stuff)

Oh, and did I mention supplements?

The fitness industry is not just overfilling with overly-marketed, overly-expensive, usually-unnecessary (and sometimes straight-up harmful) products.

It's also a mass swarm of myths, misinformation, bro-science, short-term-thinking strategy, and did I mention profit-over-people pill-pushing companies who'd rather you NOT become super informed and knowledgeable (and therefore self-sufficient)?

Yeah, there's plenty of great things in the fitness industry, and don't take this the wrong way (I'm actually an optimist however that doesn't mean you can't simultaneously roll as a realist) but it's a s*** show out there.

Elliott Hulse, former pro Strongman and all-round good dude who knows his stuff (and what it takes for hardgainers) recently emailed me the following, which highlights some of the type of stuff I'm talking about:

"Ventured on over to bodybuilding dot com out of sheer curiosity of what the bodybuilding world is up to nowadays.

To be honest, 

Not much has changed.

And not much can change in a one-dimensional realm that only has to do with growing your body.

One of the first articles that caught my eye was titled:

“TrY tHiS bIcEp BuRnInG FiNiShEr”

And I thought to myself…

This is why people don’t have success.

This is why people can’t get the lean, ripped, muscular physiques they dream about...Because big, influential companies in the body transformation space keep shoveling bull doo-doo down the throats of eager men."

- Elliott Hulse, Former Pro Strongman

It's funny because just before he sent this email, I actually had the exact same thought to check up on what the mainstream bodybuilding info sources are all about these days (haven't read that sort of stuff for a long time).

This isn't a dig at any particular site, as mainstream sources will have their fair share of good articles and advice if you know where to look.. but that's the thing:

As a beginner or intermediate lifter without the results you really want, how can you possible sort through the endless information out there and pinpoint what is really going to work best - especially as a skinny hardgainer where your training, nutrition and rest strategy is absolutely vital to get good gains.

Time to level up

The Good News Most Skinny Guys Don't (& Never Will) Realize

Building a significant amount of muscle mass and completely transforming your physique from super skinny to your own little version of superman IS in completely and utterly 100% possible, even if starting out as the skinniest guy on planet Earth who feels your poor muscle building genetics is stopping you (it truly isn't).

The reason most guys will never get great returns on their workout, meal and supplement plans to build a ripped, lean, strong and muscular physique is they never find the highly effective, proven strategies that are indeed out there if you know where to look and who to listen to.

I'm talking cutting-edge, leading weight training and nutrition science and strategies, along with the all-important foundational principles that have stood the test of time and worked wonders for former hardgainers who do end up achieving success and getting the physique they really want.

If you want to succeed at something and all but guarantee you get the results you really want that would change your life, you should only seek the advice of those who have actually achieved what it is you're setting out to do (in this case transforming to your dream physique), and most importantly those who did so from a similar starting point than you so they truly understand what it takes.

For the old-school DBZ fans. Be like Vegeta

But once you learn how to really build muscle as a skinny guy, from those who actually know what they're talking about because they walk the talk and have actually done it themselves starting from a similar point to you - building muscle as a thin guy actually eventually becomes EASY.

Yep, you heard right - if you're fortunate enough to find the right resources and advice from those who have studied the actual science behind how to build muscle mass effectively, getting in the best shape of your life and forever leaving behind your lowly hardgainer status will become a matter of when, not if.

Stick it out and keep applying what you learn and in a few months time, you'll be amazed at what you can accomplish and how drastic of a change you can make to your strength, muscle size, definition, and overall self-confidence.

People you know will be puzzled at how you actually managed to do it, because chances are right now if you told them that you're going to pack on a fair amount of lean muscle and transform your skinny physique for good - they'd laugh you out the room.

That's exactly what happened to me when I started out.

I was the skinniest guy on my football team weighing in at a borderline-anorexic scrawly weakling at around 132 lbs (60kg). I'm fairly tall so I looked like an absolute weakling, and physically I was so bigger guys thought they could push me around a little.

My humble hardgainer beginnings. I tried weights and eating more but just couldn't bulk up. These were taken prior to starting The Body Transformation Blueprint program (see my after pics below)

But I somehow knew that despite my poor muscle gain genetics, my ectomorph (tall and slim) body type, high metabolism, AND despite having already tried to gain weight by eating more and doing pushups and other bodyweight exercises and having nothing to show for it - I just knew there was a better way.

I knew that others had overcome my situation and go on to achieve personal fitness goals that would seem a little ludacris from where I started. When people used to rib me when I straight-up told them that one day I was going to be bigger, stronger, more muscular and ripped than practically anyone I knew...I understood where their scepticism came from.

I went online to seek out advice and mentors who had done what I was setting out to do, and my hunch was correct. After having to dig around a ton and sort through the endless amounts of misleading, inaccurate and straight-up bad advice from popular bodybuilding and fitness sources, I eventually found guys who really knew what they were doing, and who achieved amazing results starting from absolute scratch.

That's where things started to change for me, and I've never looked back since. On this site, my aim is to share with you all of the things I've learned over the years, and to introduce you to those hugely successful hardgainers who initially helped me to change my life forever.

If you want to avoid the mass of misinformation surrounding building muscle and natural bodybuilding out in the internet wild (not to mention in real life at your local gym where the fitness myths, misconceptions and poor/harmful strategies are out of control), you having randomly stumbled upon this site today may very be YOUR own turning point along your fitness transformation journey, where you finally get the truth of what it really takes to succeed in achieving the best shape, strength, and health of your life.

Be like Stewie...but without the roids (this site focuses solely on natural gains)

This very guide to building muscle as effectively as possible - and the supporting cast of must-read articles below covering the most crucial training and nutrition principles to follow - has been fine-tuned over the years to give you everything you need to set off on the right foot towards actual results as a skinny guy starting from scratch, and has been responsible for kick-starting a spur of success for thousands of beginners over the world by gaining the necessary foundation of knowledge and intelligent strategy that you just don't get from some random fitness magazine or other mainstream source of advice.

Here you will learn everything you need to know about building muscle and getting ripped the most effective, 100% natural way possible based on what the smartest, most credible people in the industry teach.

In other words, this guide isn't just my own opinion and ramblings, but a mesh of the best minds in the fitness industry - specifically the minds of hardgainers who were once in your exact shoes before and overcome the odds to build up the physique, strength and overall health and happiness that seemed quite unlikely from their beginnings as a super-skinny, clueless newbie in the gym.

What if I told you...despite what most (uninformed and pessimistic) people would believe, a physique like this is completely possible as a hardgainer IF you seek the right advice

I leave out the questionable bro-science and the over-hyped marketing nonsense that unfortunately plagues the bodybuilding and fitness industry, and just give the straight facts of how to build muscle mass in the fastest (yet sustainable) way possible. 

Once you inform yourself about what it takes to get results as a hardgainer, overcoming your average muscle gain genetics and building whatever amount of lean muscle that you would like. 

Up to a certain point of course; we won't claim you'll become Arnie over night, nor does everyone want to as many of you reading this will just want a very athletic, lean and muscular physique.

Huge credit for my results goes to the Body Transformation Blueprint workout plan which was invaluable

I'm of a similar mindset after having achieved both and deciding I'd rather be leaner than overly bulky which at one stage I was (100kg/220lbs, after having started initially at a mere 60kg/132lbs).

Even listening to a qualified personal trainer could be a bad idea if you want the best muscle building and fat loss results, as the reality is that almost anyone can get qualified as a trainer and get a piece of paper that says you know your stuff, but many so-called professionals aren't taught the first thing about effective, science-based muscle building program design, let alone having got great results themselves.

I once did a popular fitness instructor course here in my home country to get a qualification, and it was so dead easy yet we didn't really learn much, and again, not trying to be mean or disrespectful here but by the end of the course in my opinion a great many of those in my class still had no clue what they doing or talking about (as well as most having absolutely minimal results of themselves, which I believe should be a requirement to then go on to train/teach others out in the field). 

That's not to mention some of the real bad advice you'll find across all corners of the web, with keyboard warriors spouting random opinions bu who usually don't speak from experience or from an objective, science-based point of view. 

If you want to actually succeed in transforming your physique completely to overcome your potentially poor muscle-gain genetics and leave your "hardgainer" status behind for good... (which is 100% possible no matter what others may have wrongly told you)...

...Asking advice on bodybuilding and building muscle from any random personal trainer or some big guy at the gym who likely has better muscle gain genetics than you (or perhaps unnatural help in some cases if we're being honest for those really unnaturally-massive dudes) isn't the smartest course of action. 

Unhelpful Advice 101: "Just eat more and lift more bro, it's easy"

Kinda...but there's more to it than that, especially if you're a typical skinny hardgainer with a high metabolism.

Yes, eating more calories and protein from the right food sources plus lifting weights is part of the overall equation, but you must be strategic in your training and nutrition plan otherwise you can do all the exercises in the world and spend 10 hours in the gym every day (while downing every steak in sight) and you could very well get absolutely nowhere fast (like most skinny guys).

Furthermore, besides not getting the gains you want, without a proper science-based approach with a good program that you or someone else creates for you, it's all too easy to fall victim to the many rookie mistakes such as gaining way too much excess fat during your bulk, losing too much of your hard-earned muscle during a cutting (fat loss) phase, developing postural imbalances by following an unbalanced program with the wrong combination of exercises, or worse such as getting an injury or worsening your health (which are both actually more common than you think).

All of the above are huge reasons why it's so easy to lose motivation like most others eventually do after starting in the gym, and to then end up quitting on your dream of building the lean muscular physique you were so initially fired up about building.

The teachings of former hardgainers-turned-heros like Sean Nal will 10x your results over time

Want life-changing results too? It's a matter of working smarter, which is just as, if not more important than working hard in the gym (and kitchen).

You can be as fired up as Arnie or Vegeta or Zyzz or [insert lifting hero here] all you like...

But without the right intelligently-crafted strategy you're doomed to getting average-to-no gains from the get go.

I'm not one to judge or hate on anyone whatsoever, and I'm not saying I have the most amazing results on Earth (completely 100% life-changing to me, though, especially from where I started) so don't take this the wrong way...

But you see it all the time at your local gym:

Dudes throwing weights around aimlessly without any real purpose or strategy, and spending way too much time in the gym for only minor results.

The unfortunate reality for most guys who start a mass gain program?

They quit before ever seeing great results (for any number of reasons) and give up on their ambition of building the strong, muscular physique that they inherently know will bring a great many benefits (some of which are life-changing and will stick with you for as long as you live). 

It's typically lack of knowledge and understanding of how building muscle works, and listening to average, sometimes straight-up bad fitness advice from mainstream sources.

Don't let that be you, friend.

If you're gonna put in the time and effort to train and eat better, and spend money on your program/equipment/membership/supplements/food/etc - make it count.

If a gangly Gungan can do it...

Do "Hardgainers" Even Exist? How Do You Know You're a Hardgainer?

Scientifically speaking, the muscle building and bodybuilding "hardgainer" is a very real phenomenon based on your predominant natural body type, your genetic makeup, and your own specific ability to gain muscle mass which varies from person to person. 

There are three main body types, the ectomorph, endomorph and mesamorph, which determines certain physical attributes about you. Some people fit exactly into a certain type, whilst others may be a blend of 2 or even 3 (although pretty much everyone will typically lean towards a certain type).

Related: What is a Hardgainer? Ectomorph Body Type Explained

Yes, anyone can build significant muscle mass and get as big and strong as they pretty much want, but the truth is your genetics do indeed play a role in how easily (or not) you can build muscle mass, how fast you can build it, and how much overall muscle you can build naturally. 

Don't worry tho, you're never ever likely to reach your limit and it's proven that with clever strategy and hard work hardgainers can get huge just like anyone else if that's your goal; even 100% naturally which is what I've always stuck to and recommend to others.

All this talk about being a hardgainer isn't my favorite thing to talk about though because the reality is that way too many guys (some of who aren't actually hardgainers) use their hardgainer label as a convenient excuse to not pursue their dream physique or to avoid pushing themselves too hard because they've bought into false beliefs such as "building a large, muscular, strong, ripped physique isn't possible for me" etc.

In other words, it's an easy way to have a slight victim mentality of "woe is me". I have a different view on being a hardgainer: being the "underdog" is a blessing in disguise, and gives you the advantage of you needing to use your intellect to outwit, outwork and outlast others who perhaps had things handed more easily to them. 

Not everyone wants or needs a bodybuilder-sized physique, but to achieve the lean fitness model look you'll still need to work hard AND smart

Plus, as a skinny guy who is fed up with being that way and/or who's frustrated with not being able to gain weight and muscle mass, you have another huge asset up your sleeve: more motivation than the average gym-goer, and more willingness to properly investigate and learn the most effective, proven strategies and routines that have worked for others who have been in your shoes.

Which, over the long haul, if you apply what you learn, will end up with you achieving whatever goals you want. After cracking the "hardgainer code" and learning how building muscle mass really works from a scientific point of view, and learn exactly what sort of training and nutrition routines successful hardgainers before you have used to create super impressive physiques from scratch, in due time that extra upfront work you put in will pay you back over and over again over the long haul.

Because you'll be getting consistently good results over time due to your superior training and nutrition strategies, you'll eventually overlap everyone else who may have slightly better muscle building genetics but who just aimlessly follow whatever mainstream fitness magazine or semi-clueless personal trainer is telling them, and eventually people will wonder just how you transformed your physique so dramatically over time (completely naturally) and some will think you never were a hardgainer in the first place (that can be your little secret).

The below steps will take you by the hand through each step of planning the ultimate workout and eating routine to start your hardgainer to hero transformation over the next few months (and years; once you get results you won't want to quit, trust me).

If you're committed to actually doing what it takes and not just talk about building muscle mass and getting into great shape, the below guide will set you off on the right foot with the important fundamentals that many people overlook, which is understandable if you take a quick glimpse at mainstream ads in the fitness industry which focus on people's need to find a magic-pill, quick-fix easy solution to all their problems ("do this ONE simple trick bodybuilders don't want you to know to gain 53,505,444 pounds of muscle in 5 days!").

So grab a drink, get comfy, and start learning how to finally begin on your way to a way more awesome new reality with the physique, strength, muscle mass, health, energy, posture and improved self-confidence that you know is within reach for you with the right plan of attack (and a healthy dose of persistence).

I've experienced life as both laughably super scrawny, and super-ripped and muscular with much more internal self-confidence - without question the latter is a much better way to live.

Not just because of the obvious reasons that may first come to your mind such as looking way better, feeling way better, and having much more self-confidence (largely because you won't feel intimidated by bigger guys whether on the football field or while out walking the city at night), but there are a myriad of various advantages to living life with the physique, strength, health and energy that you want.

I want the same transformation for you too, because if you're still reading this that means you're different than most, and actually willing to put in the time and effort to better your life and achieve some goals. Good luck - it's time to level up.

/ Slightly-Ranty Pep-Talk of an Intro Over

7 Steps to Planning a Highly-Effective Hardgainer
Mass Gain Program for Maximum Results in 2019

Take full control of your health and physique destiny and start your quest towards transforming your body over the next few months by following the below steps mapped out in a logical order for beginners, that will put you ahead of the gym game and on the road towards the best gains of your life. Whether you're a hardgainer or not, it's time to put the excuses aside and to put in the work. Trust me; it'll be worth it.

Just a heads up first before we get into the steps you need to create the ultimate science-based, results-focused program to literally go from skinny to superman (not overnight tho, this isn't some cheesy informercial that promises you instant, easy results...they don't exist).

If you'd rather save yourself the time of having to research and plan the best training and nutrition plan to maximize lean gains from scratch, and instead would rather simply execute on a proven, pre-made program that is specifically designed for hardgainers to get the best results (and that's backed by tons of real life testimonials from guys who have got life-changing results), if I had to recommend one single program in 2019 it would be Sean Nal's best-selling program The Body Transformation Blueprint which was carefully crafted specifically for hardgainers in mind.

You can read my full review of the Body Transformation Blueprint program here which includes my own before and after photos if you're interested in following a proven, comprehensive bulking program, but long story short it's the current highest-quality, in-depth step by step training and nutrition program out there right now as of 2019 with countless of success stories from guys who have used it to transform over a few months (including yours truly - the program was an immense help to me when I first started out).

See Also: Top 3 Bulking Programs for Beginners (2019 Review)

It doesn't just explain the entire A to Z of how to build muscle as effectively as possible as a hardgainer, but it has convenient done-for-you workout routines, meal plans, a 2019-updated supplement guide which covers the best to use and and the worst to avoid based on the latest science, easy to follow instructional videos on all the most effective lifts to do as a hardgainer, and a bunch more stuff.

Following a pre-made program like this one can save you a chunk of time compared to planning your own program, but if you have the patience to design one yourself to save a bit of money (premade programs aren't expensive but they're not free) then follow the 7 steps below to get started on the right foot in creating a good, effective program that will get you results.

You don't want to end up randomly throwing weights around in the gym, eating random foods at random times, downing any random supplement that takes your fancy, and essentially just praying and hoping you'll get good results. This is the type of "wing it" strategy (or rather, lack of stategy) that the majority of guys have with their training and nutrition, so it's no wonder why most never end up building the lean, ripped, muscular physique that they really want.

Want great results? You gotta be smart about it - especially if you're a skinny hardgainer who likely finds it a tad more challenging to gain size and strength.

If you value your time and DON'T want to look and feel pretty much the exact same in a year's time, make sure to pay attention and take some notes so you can execute an effective muscle building program that actually gets results (or stick to a proven premade program like Sean's to avoid making mistakes in your program design). Alright, let's get into the 7 key steps to building muscle mass effectively.


Learn Crucial Fundamentals of How to Build Muscle Mass

First thing you should do is take the time to learn and understand the fundamental must-do principles to build muscle, as well as making sure to inform yourself of the common pitfalls and mistakes that beginner lifters fall victim to over and over again like clockwork (yup, even in 2019 when the world is supposedly quite enlightened) so that you can avoid all of the BS and myths out there in the fitness industry.


Plan An Effective Weight Training Routine for Building Muscle

If you do it right..hangin' here or at your own eerily-empty gym for just 2-4 days a week is all you actually need.

The first main half of the muscle building equation is your training regimen (diet being the other). There are different ways you can go about training for muscular gain, such as doing full body workouts or split routines (or even bodyweight workouts which can work well if you're smart about), or training say 2-3 times a week versus 4/5/6 days.

There's no perfect plan for everyone, and various different programs can work well for results, but just make sure to always integrate the main scientific principles of building muscle into whatever program you decide on. Whatever type of muscle building routine you decide on, what matters most is you plan it so you'll actually stick to it, so design a workout routine that fits in well with your lifestyle and that you hopefully find fun (although at first you might not find any weight lifting fun; don't worry that'll change as you start to reap results..).


Plan Effective Nutrition for Building Muscle (without getting fat)

"Needs More Greens Tho!" - Me/Ya Mum

The second half of the muscle building equation, and just as important as your actual training if not MORE important, is what you eat day in and day out. You can execute the perfect workout routine to build muscle, but without the right eating strategy it's all in vain and you won't get anywhere, period. Again, like with weight training, most people kinda wing their diet, and then they wonder why they either aren't building muscle like they want to, or why wonder why they're gaining too much excess bodyfat along with that muscle.


Consider Good, Proven Supplements for Convenience (optional)

Despite what most supplement companies want you to think, supplements are completely 100% optional and are NOT needed to build a significant amount of muscle mass effectively. They should be considered as their name implies; as a 'supplement' to an already solid eating plan. 

But yes, if you stick to scientifically-proven, good-quality products (don't get sucked into the endless over-marketed, junk products out there) such as whey protein among others can help make your bulking/cutting diet plan easier and more convenient, as well as give you a little boost in certain other ways (ie creatine for slight strength increases, caffeine for more workout energy, multivitamins as nutritional backup, etc).

But yeah, don't overdo supplements, don't rely on them, and do your research before ever buying any as you could be doing more harm than good. 


Optimize Your Lifestyle Habits for Your Mass Gain Goals

When you pursue a particular goal in your life, you want to align all areas of your life towards that achivement if you're committed to giving it your all. When it comes to building muscle and putting some meat on your bones (or even cutting fat if that's the stage you're in), sleep and other lifestyle habits are more important than you probably realize.

You want to ensure you get enough (quality) sleep to recover properly from your workouts and be 100% for the next one, and optimize your natural testosterone production using various methods. If your T levels are too low, if you're gonna have a harder time gaining much muscle size and strength, and especially so as a hardgainer/ectomorph.


Track Your Results and Tweak Accordingly

Once you have an effective training, nutrition and supplementation plan, once you start executing your program you must remember to track your results as you go. You want to monitor how your program is coming along over the next few weeks and months so you can tweak your program where necessary, and so you can stay motivated as success begets success: when you see you're making progress, your motivation levels will stay high.

Here's the important metrics to track on your transformation from skinny to superman:

  • Track Strength Increases - Progressive overload is the single most important thing to plan for and track; that is, making sure you're slightly improving either the weight lifted or amount of reps of the same weight each week. By slowly increasing your training load, you're increasing strength and the muscle mass gains will follow suit.
  • Track Muscle Size Increases - Whilst not as important as tracking your exercise weights/reps, tracking the actual size of each of your muscle groups using a measuring tape can be a helpful way to monitor your progress and to potentially stay motivated as you may notice small changes in muscle size on paper yet not be able to see it in the mirror just yet.
  • Track Body Weight - You'll obviously want to be tracking your overall bodyweight to get a sense of how much weight you're gaining (or not gaining). Just make sure to weight at the same time everyday as your weight can vary quite a bit during the day based on when you do it.
  • Track Body Fat % - Monitor changes to your bodyfat percentage using skinfold calipers (or other methods) to make sure you're not putting on too much excess body fat during your mass gain program.


How to Stay Motivated & Consistent (The Ultimate Key)

You can have the greatest program on earth, but it's worth nothing if you don't apply it over a long enough period of time. Most who start a muscle building program will quit due to losing that initial spark of motivation they once had to take full control of their destiny; don't let that be you. To stay the course and persist through the inevitable down periods where you just don't feel like doing that workout, or eating that meal, or taking that must understand one crucial concept that eludes most:

Motivation is not needed for success.

I repeat, NOT needed. What do I mean? Well, of course you must have motivation, or more specifically, desire for success.

However, what's more important than feeling motivated on any given day to hit the gym or eat the right things, and what will set you apart from everyone else who just wishes for what they want (but who never really get what they want), is committing yourself to get into a consistent habit to take action no matter how you feel.

This will build momentum and consistency, which will bring you results and success - when then fuels more momentum and results and more consistency...and the spiral of success continues until your character actually changes and develops into someone who just gets stuff done no matter what.

Sure - it's ok to take a day off every now and then, and may even be good for you if you've been overworking yourself. However, your chances of achieving the ripped, muscular physique you're after all comes down to how consistent you are with your program.

That's assuming you're following a good program though, as no matter how consistent you are and how much you will yourself to victory by showing up to the gym even when you feel low on motivation - if you're doing the wrong combination of exercises, reps, sets, tempo, form, and eating the wrong things...results will not come and you'll just be spinning your wheels and working hard for not much gain.

So make sure to take the time to properly research and plan out an effective training, recovery, nutrition and supplement plan using the tips above and other information online (or follow an already created step by step mass gain program if you'd rather just throw a few bucks on a premade plan that's been proven to work over and over again for other guys), but once you have a decent program that you don't have to think about and can simply execute on week in week out, your success in transformation and changing your life all comes down to consistency, tenacity, and pushing through when you feel a little tired, a little down, a little demotivated and you just can't be bothered to keep up your eating and training habits.

Push through the discomfort and pain and lethargy, and you'll become stronger for it and develop your willpower, character, and follow-through-ness ( word exists but you get my point ;p)...that's when the magic happens, and when you rely less on willpower and more on your overall momentum to easily keep going.

But here's the good news - it's not a constant uphill battle or struggle forever.

For most it will generally be hardest in those first few weeks and months of a program (first week is dead easy 'cause you're naturally high on motivation) where you might start feeling a little demotivated due to it perhaps feeling hard to stick to your program (life might get in the way), or perhaps you're not seeing the amazing results just yet and that's lowering your confidence in your ability to actually do this (patience my friend...).

But if you push through no matter what and commit to following through on your routines for long enough, eventually the results WILL come (again, if you're doing the right things in and out of the gym). Once you hit a certain amount of momentum and results, your snowball of success will start to grow and build and build and grow some more, and eventually you will never have to rely on motivation again because you will SEE that what you're putting in just simply works. When you get all the various benefits of weight training and transformation your physique, not wanting to go to the gym will become a thing of the past, and you'd rather keep doing all the right things than go back to your old bad habits. In other words, it'll become EASY to get results...almost effortless. At least that's how I feel now after all this time, and that's just my opinion.

Once you get to that point yourself, you become unstoppable and all that you want will become yours in due time if you just keep up your habits (which are once again, easy to do because they're part of who you are...your newly developed character).

So trust me...push yourself a little more when the going gets tough, and your future self will thank you for it.

Also, always keep your eyes on your goals as often as you can (and whenever you feel down), including all the benefits that will come from achieving them for you, for others, and for your life in general.

Whenever you feel like all the hard training and extra meal prep/eating may not be worth it, remind yourself that it really is worth it after all because there are great reasons you got into this in the first place. Am I right, or am I right?

Don't quit, keep going no matter what, and your dream of building that strong, muscular, and ripped body will simply become a matter of when, not if. 

To your health, strength, success and happiness,



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