The Objective, Science-Based Guide to Building Muscle Weight Effectively as a Skinny "Hardgainer" or Ectomorph

skinny to muscular transformationAvoid the endless mainstream misconceptions and poor advice, follow a SMART fine-tuned training, eating & supplement plan for hardgainers, rinse and repeat, and this transformation won't be a hollywood movie fantasy but your REALITY

Welcome to The Building Muscle Guide (BMG) - the science-based, allergic-to-BS guide to gaining muscular weight as effectively as possible as a skinny guy "hardgainer" or ectomorph.

Created for hardgainers, by a (former) hardgainer.

Stop following what the majority of lifters are doing (who get little to average results year on year), stop kidding yourself, and finally learn the proven scientific ways to take control of your muscle building results and level-up your body, strength, health and your life for real - minus the speculative "bro-science", mainstream myths and average to straight-up BS lies that are so commonplace in the fitness/bodybuilding industry.

  • Fed up being a weak, scrawny, unhealthy paper-thin pushover in sports, at the bar, and/or life in general?
  • Wanna crack the confusing code to putting on lean muscular weight to reap the many benefits to putting some meat on your bones and finally become the strong, fit, healthy & more attractive guy that you know would totally change your experience of life?
  • Already training, trying to eat more and taking popular supplements with little to no good results like 95% of others guys?

This will sound like some cheesy infomercial, but the truth is you're far from alone and I totally get where you're coming from.

The above was me to an absolute T....

I'm Julz, the guy behind this site, and before you label this site as sounding elitist or overly exaggerated with bold claims such as "95%" of guys spinning their wheels getting average results...

Let me ask you question.

If we're being honest, how many guys (or even personal trainers) do you see at your local gym have the physique, definition, health, posture and energy that you want? 

The reality is - not many, if any.

I have nothing against personal trainers, and there are some great ones out there without question, but the truth is they're few and far between.

And as for the average gym-goer looking to get results, unfortunately the statistics are pretty bad and they'll either get fairly average results month on month, year on year..or they'll quit after trying a program for a little while and losing motivation due to lack of noticeable changes to your muscle mass and strength.

But that doesn't have to be you.

Back when I first started as a skinny ectomorph (naturally thin and high metabolism etc) I was sick and tired of being that way, but couldn't seem to figure out how the heck I could gain muscular weight and build up some strength and size.

My paper-thin frame was limiting my impact in football, I was a much easier target for troublemakers on the streets of my then low-income neighbourhood (and got into some dangerous situations cuz I looked like an easy target including getting beat up outside a bar by a pack of low-lifes this one time), and not to mention being practically invisible to a lot of women who don't find 130 pound stickmen frames all that intriguing for the most part if we're being honest.

But my lack of muscle mass and physical strength wasn't due to lack of effort - I was throwing weights around in the gym, eating every high-protein meal I could find, chugging protein shakes that friends and magazines would recommend, forcing myself to eat more, and generally doing what bigger guys in the gym were doing or what I saw in fitness magazines or in mainstream bodybuilding blogs.

Looking back, boy was I pretty foolish and had no clue how to actually build muscle mass...

1 year of working out and "eating more" passed, and I know many can relate with how I felt...

Frustrated and confused - my physique was practically the same, and this is what happens to most guys who start a bulking program.

I did gain a bit of muscle and strength, but it was totally not worth the effort I put in over that year with all the tough gym sessions, tiring rest days, meticulous meal planning, extra eating, etc, and it was far from the life-changing lasting results that I wanted.

Taking action wasn't the problem for me - following the wrong advice and role models was. 

You see, as a skinny "hardgainer" with thin, high metabolism body that also isn't genetically wired to build muscle mass easily, you can't just train like any random big guy at the gym or what most mainstream sources tell you to do..otherwise you're going nowhere fast.

You've got to be more strategic, intelligent, and plan-ahead in order to overcome your genetic odds and unlock the keys to building muscle and actually transforming your physique and life in the process.

This lack of awareness of how effective weight training, nutrition (and supplementation in moderation) is totally understandable though - not everyone can afford a knowledgeable, experienced personal trainer (who is ideally a hard-gainer as well) or hire a reputable online coach to break things down for you.

To get meaningful results and actually see significant gains in muscle and strength, I knew I needed to seek coaches and mentors who knew what they were talking about (through experience and real-world results) and who weren't afraid to share the truth about how building muscle, nutrition and supplementation actually works.

You see, the reality is that many (most?) mainstream/media sources within the fitness industry aren't objective & scientific and are solely soul-lessly primarily about promoting or advertising fancy machines, unnecessary supplements, secret "magic pill" solutions, or worse.

They aren't necessarily trying to arm you with practical, science-based info and advice that could allow you to get the best results possible and change your life on your own without needing any crappy or straight-up bogus product.

You've got to stay on your toes as there's an endless amount of misconceptions and myths, misleading information, and straight up bad advice out there - even in the modern fitness industry.

"Being a skinny spineless scrawny wimp rocks!" - Nobody Ever

As a skinny guy looking to gain weight and build muscle, if you were to ask a naturally bigger guy or some random guy at the gym how to do it, you'll probably get something like "just eat more and lift more" plus a bunch of bro-science nonsense. 

True, but there's a whole lot more to it than that if you want to get good (or hopefully GREAT) results. Plus, you can't just do what the big guys are doing as a skinny noob because sometimes they have genetic, situational or un-natural advantages for building size and strength than you do.

So, they're not going to know the science and strategies to EFFECTIVELY train and eat to get great results as a noob.

Therefore, to overcome your skinny frame and pack on some significant lean mass you've got to be a little more calculated and nuances about your approach to lifting and nutrition.

Once you learn the various principles, strategies and insider tips that the top, legit, results-backed trainers in the world know that you don't - that's when everything will click for you.

Once you know the truth of how building muscle mass really works from a scientific point of view, and you design an effective training and eating program tailored to YOU -  you'll literally be in a better position to kill it in the gym than 95% of lifters out there.

My aim with this site is to try and simplify things as much as possible and bring you objective, field-tested, unbiased knowledge from those smarter than I and who have studied muscle-building and fat loss till the ends of the earth to decipher what the best strategies are, plus with my own thoughts as I (humble-brag) have gotten amazing life-changing results over recent years after having things finally "click" for me.

By learning from those who've done exactly what you yourself are setting out to do (transform from skinny to muscular for good), you can seriously cut your learning curve and get great results sooner rather than later.

On this site I'll bring to you the best of what I and others in the industry know, specifically for the "hard-gainer" like yourself -minus any bogus bro-science or straight-up BS.

And to those wondering, I'll explain why I say "hardgainer" in brackets (hint: it's a bit of a misconception once you know how building muscle actually works for real).

It doesn't matter where you start from, or what you think your muscle-building limitations are such as bad genetics, having a naturally thin/hardgainer/ectomorph body, having a crazy-high metabolism, or [enter excuse here].

You absolutely CAN do a total 180 on your physique destiny and build the ultimate functional, aesthetic, strong, healthy proportional physique you've always wanted.

I and others who I have studied under are living proof, and when people see my before photos and my physique now they find it hard to believe it's not photo-shopped (or that it's 100% natural...when people claim you're on steroids just take it as a compliment cause they'll never understand from their limited perspective).

By learning and applying intelligent weight training, nutrition and supplementation principles and strategies, there is nothing stopping you getting epic results within a matter of months instead of years.

Stay strong my friend, don't quit, and success is yours,



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