Leg Workouts 101:
The 2 Biggest Reasons Avoiding Them is a Sin for Muscle Building

Avoid This and Miss Out Big Time

Last Updated Apr 11, 2018

On an average day at your local gym, if you take a look around you will notice the majority of lifters are probably working their upper bodies and avoiding leg workouts like the plague.

Maybe it's a coincidence, and luck would have it that it's just not leg day for everyone that day...

Or maybe, and tell me if I'm wrong here... you notice this phenomenon practically 9 times out of 10 at your local gym.

It makes sense though as training leg muscles doesn't seem as fun for most, especially as a beginner.

You don't get that awesome upper body pump that makes you feel like you're really progressing (you're not really, though), and legs aren't a very showy muscle and so guys much prefer training muscles they can most easily see such as chest, shoulder, arms, etc.

Most Popular Exercise Ever...But Should It Be?

Have you ever heard a girl ask a guy to flex his quads? Lol.

On top of guys having an urge to mostly (or solely...yes, it happens) train their upper body and neglect their just-as-important-if-not-more-important lower half, leg day can often be the most gruelling of workouts if you lift heavy.

The next couple days after heavy leg workouts such as Squats and Deadlifts can be an absolute pain in the you know what (quite literally, and sitting on your toilet seat may transform into a mission from hell if you really hit those squats hard).

2 Biggest Reasons to Never Neglect Leg Workouts

People come up with all sorts of reasons to avoid legs, most of which are factually incorrect. For example, the age-old "squats are bad for my knees" is a straight-up myth (if that sounds like you then you likely aren't doing them correctly or have some other issue you need to fix).

The biggest mistake of neglecting legs and focusing a lot more on upper body muscle growth should be pretty obvious; it's gonna look straight-up silly. 

A picture is worth a thousand words...

If you have a large and muscular upper body, and under-developed leg muscles, it doesn't take a rocket scientist to tell you you'll look quite ridiculous not to mention having unbalanced strength and power.

Think about it, huge pecs, bulging arms, cannonball shoulders, a wide muscular back...sitting on top of weak, toothpick legs.

Now that's funny-looking in anyone's book, but even more important than aesthetics is the pure imbalance of muscle, strength, stability, etc.

The second reason to train your legs as hard as all your other muscles is less commonly known, but it's real important especially as a skinny hardgainer or anyone who finds it hard to build muscle and gain mass.

By training hard and heavy leg workouts within your overall weight lifting routine, you're actually promoting muscle growth ALL over your body, in all of your other muscle groups.

Why? How?

Heavy, compound lifts such as squats and deadlifts produce the most growth hormone and testosterone of any other exercises.

Your muscles don't just grow from specific exercises you do for a particular muscle. For example, your biceps don't grow JUST from doing bicep related exercises such as bicep curls.

Your body builds muscle on another level too. When many different muscle groups are worked simultaneously, putting the majority of your body under intense stress, muscle growth occurs all over the body. Sort of like a spillover effect if you know what I mean.

How does your body do this? Because with this intense stress comes increased secretion of important muscle-building hormones such as testosterone and growth hormone. These hormones play a big part in determining how much muscle mass someone can physically gain.

And one of the best ways to increase the production of these hormones in your body is doing hard and heavy leg workouts week in and week out!

The particular leg exercises I'm talking about are of course Squats, which is perhaps the most important muscle-building exercise out of all, the leg press, lunges, stiff-legged deadlifts, and calf raises.

Have you noticed how stressful these leg exercises seem to be when done heavy? That's because your legs contain the largest muscle groups on your entire body and allow you to train with very heavy weights.

The good thing about a killer leg workout is your body will produce more critical anabolic muscle-building hormones than usual, which means greater size and strength all over your body. Yes, working your legs affects your arms, chest, shoulders, and back muscles.

So if you don't already do so, include a great leg workout in your weight training routine every week. If not for the large, strong and muscular legs you will develop, then do it for the overall gains you will experience in your upper body.

Just one more thing, don't avoid Squats. They are such a great exercise for building mass all over your body, and can't be replaced with any other exercise. Leg workouts really are a hidden little secret to your dream physique.

If you're ready to ditch your average run-of-the-mill training program that is likely only spinning your wheels and finally use a highly effective, science-based program (that of course focuses just as much on legs as upper body), the program I'd recommend is Sean Nal's Body Transformation Blueprint.

There's a lot of junk programs out there but this one is the real deal and I say that because it was the program that initially helped me transform from skinny to strong and muscular in months (see my review and before and after pics using the program).

Or, if you're designing your own program (you don't need to buy any program but it is handy to save you time), make sure to do your homework and ensure you have a well-balanced, well-thought out program that of course..doesn't neglect legs!

If you found this article helpful share it with your gym buddies, and good luck my friend.

- Julz