Weight Lifting Shoes

Most people in the gym don't even know that weight lifting shoes exist, let alone wear them. Their choice in footwear for their workouts doesn't do them any favours. They simply wear what looks good or what feels most comfortable, without understanding the advantages you can gain by wearing the right type of shoe for weight lifting.

If you're lifting free weights in the gym, like you should be doing if you plan on building muscle, then footwear becomes somewhat important. Wearing specially designed shoes can go a long way.

Weight lifting footwear is made tough and sturdy, yet still comfortable. They will give you the best performance in the gym for your heavy weight workouts by giving superior stability, balance, control and comfort. They will also be much less likely to wear and tear compared to normal sports shoes.

Most lifting shoes boast the following features:

  • Tough heel for great balance and stability
  • Extra support provided by velcro straps on top of the shoe
  • Rubber grips to minimize sliding
  • Soft insoles for great comfort

Investing in a pair of weight training shoes is a good idea in the long term, as they will last longer than regular shoes. Your workouts will also become more comfortable, and it might also help you to lift heavier weights. They will also help to prevent injuries, and trust me, you want to avoid injuries at all cost!

Adidas Adistar Weight Lifting Shoes

These Adidas weight training shoes make an excellent example of great footwear for weight lifting. They were designed for the Athens Olympic Games and are top of the range.

They will most probably last you years, and provides superior stability, comfort, and a great look aswell. They are quite expensive, but if you have the money to spend then definitely consider these shoes. You'll be hard pressed finding a better quality lifting shoe out there.

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