Learn the No B.S. Truth About Gaining Weight & Building Muscle as a Skinny "Hard-Gainer"

Welcome to the Building Muscle Guide where you can learn proven, effective strategies to bulk up and transform your physique from skinny to superman, literally.

All information here is written by hard-gainers, for hard-gainers.

Building the body of your dreams (and everything that comes with that) IS possible for anybody out there, no matter what your genetics are or where you're starting from.

But here's the thing...

If your genetics make it really hard for you to gain weight and build muscle (in other words you're a hardgainer, just like I used to be), then you MUST bring a little more intelligence to your workout, nutrition and recovery plan if you want great results.

You can't just randomly push weights around in the gym and "just eat more" and expect to achieve the body of your dreams as a skinny-guy with average muscle-building genetics.

But if you do apply strategies and techniques that other hard-gainers have successfully used (and you stick to them over time...it won't happen overnight) - then you'll on the path to building the physique you've always wanted. 

The thing is, the vast majority of lifters in the gym aren't aware of the most effective, science-backed strategies to pack on new muscle tissue and recover effectively, and that's why you see the same guys at your local gym over months and even years who's size and strength hardly improve (if at all).

You don't want that to be you - life is too short...and you want to see RESULTS as soon as you can. Results will bring confidence, and will motivate you to continue (whereas most others will give up after hardly seeing results as I just said...harsh but you know it's true).

You want to be the strongest version of yourself, and have the self-confidence and everything else that comes with that.

You don't want to continue life as a stick-figured pushover anymore - trust me. I used to be the skinniest guy I knew growing up, and I hated it. Fast forward to today, and everywhere I go I'm typically the strongest, fittest, most muscular and most ripped...and let me tell you life is way better. 

So make it count in the gym and in the kitchen by following the science-backed, results-proven strategies shared on this site.

As well as providing as much free information as possible on everything related to achieve the body of your dreams, we will also share with you any other high quality resources that can help you on your skinny to superman journey (but only the best stuff that we've actually used ourselves - we will never recommend anything that isn't totally worth your money).

Thanks for stopping by, and if you're new I'd suggest starting out with the basics below.

Introduction to Gaining Muscle Mass Effectively
The crucial basics of effective weight training and nutrition that cannot be overlooked if you're a skinny hard-gainer or ectomorph (naturally skinny). Get off on the right foot and don't waste your time in the gym and in the kitchen (like most).

How to Train Effectively for Muscle Gain
Learn how to structure and perform effective muscle building workouts to allow for maximum muscle growth. Don't waste your time in the gym lifting weights aimlessly, you will most likely end up with the same physique a year from now.

How to Eat as a Skinny "Hard-Gainer"
Learn the important principles you need to adopt into your daily eating routine to promote maximum growth. You can train in the gym all you like, but if you don't eat BIG you won't get BIG.

The Truth About Supplements for Muscle Gain
Most weight lifting supplements out there are not worth your time, but there ARE definitely a few types of supplements that have stood the test of time and been proven to help you build muscle more effectively and with more convenience.

Best Exercises to Transform Your Body
Explains the most effective weight lifting exercises that you MUST include in your workout routine if you want to put on muscle mass and transform your body as quickly as possible.

Fat Burning Guide
This article explains the truth about how to get ripped by losing extra body fat whilst minimizing muscle loss. But remember, only focus on one main goal at a time, whether that be building muscle or fat loss. It's not effective to aim for both at the same time.

How to Take Creatine Effectively for Maximum Results
Creatine is the KING of muscle-building supplements but there are a few important things you must know about using it if you want it to significantly help you build muscle faster and more effectively.

The Biggest Bodybuilding Myths
You'd be surprised how few people in your local gym actually know the science (real, not "bro science") behind building muscle and transforming from skinny to strong and muscular. Avoid these common myths about working out at all costs.

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