The Skinny Guy's Guide to Gaining Weight & Building Muscle Effectively

Welcome  to the Building Muscle Guide where you will learn the most effective, proven strategies for transforming your body from scrawny and weak to strong and muscular - despite your poor muscle-building genetics or how many times you've tried before.

Here's the thing - not all information out there regarding building muscle and putting on weight is going to help you. There is a lot of misleading stuff that will simply have you running in circles and not really getting the great results that you're after - like 90% of guys in the gym.

This is about being in the 10% who DO get amazing results over time. You don't want to be like everyone else who spends endless time in the gym and on their diet yet only getting average results - and remaining with average physiques.

What you will learn on this site is from first-hand experience of my own dramatic transformation from a skinny pushover, to having the physique of my dreams and having my life changed because of it.

No, I'm not here to lie to you that you can transform overnight, as some sites will have you believe (likely just to sell you something) - this is the real information that has changed my body, and my life, forever. If you simply apply what has worked for me as a skinny "hardgainer", you're bound to similar or even better results and go from skinny to superman within months.

Stick to these strategies even longer than that (once you see results you won't want to stop) and you will reach your dream physique in due time - something that most people can only dream about (because they fail to realize that it IS within reach). 

Are You a "Hardgainer" Too?

For those out of the loop, a hard-gainer is a guy with average muscle-building genetics who tend to find it difficult to put some meat on their bones and build muscle mass. You may train hard and try to eat everything in sight but never see the muscle building results you're after.


Well, as a skinny guy you've got to approach your training with a little more thought. You likely can't just train like that random big guy at your local gym and expect the same results. For one they may have some genetic (or other) advantages over you.

If you're one of these so-called "hard-gainers" and building muscle seems so frustrating difficult no matter what you try, chances are you have what's known as an ectomorphic body-type (skinny frame and high-metabolism).

If that sounds just like you, don't worry, you CAN build a significant amount of muscle over time, become super ripped, and create the physique of your dreams - but you've GOT to put a little more thought into both your training and nutrition plan like I mentioned. That's where this site comes in.

I hope that it helps you on the path towards peak health, fitness, and of course the body you've always wanted.

Start Learning How to Bulk Up and Transform Your Physique Forever

Introduction to Gaining Muscle Mass
Gives you an overview of the basic training and nutrition principles you need to follow if you want to gain weight and build muscle effectively as a hard-gainer skinny guy who struggles to gain muscle.

How to Train Effectively for Muscle Gain
Learn how to structure and perform effective muscle building workouts to allow for maximum muscle growth. Don't waste your time in the gym lifting weights aimlessly, you will most likely end up with the same physique a year from now.

How to Eat as a Skinny "Hard-Gainer"
Learn the important principles you need to adopt into your daily eating routine to promote maximum growth. You can train in the gym all you like, but if you don't eat BIG you won't get BIG.

The Truth About Supplements for Muscle Gain
Most weight lifting supplements out there are not worth your time, but there ARE definitely a few types of supplements that have stood the test of time and been proven to help you build muscle more effectively and with more convenience.

Best Exercises to Transform Your Body
Explains the most effective weight lifting exercises that you MUST include in your workout routine if you want to put on muscle mass and transform your body as quickly as possible.

Fat Burning Guide
This article explains the truth about how to get ripped by losing extra body fat whilst minimizing muscle loss. But remember, only focus on one main goal at a time, whether that be building muscle or fat loss. It's not effective to aim for both at the same time.

How to Take Creatine Effectively for Maximum Results
Creatine is the KING of muscle-building supplements but there are a few important things you must know about using it if you want it to significantly help you build muscle faster and more effectively.

The Biggest Bodybuilding Myths
You'd be surprised how few people in your local gym actually know the science (real, not "bro science") behind building muscle and transforming from skinny to strong and muscular. Avoid these common myths about working out at all costs.