The Complete Guide to Building Muscle & Getting the Physique of Your Dreams as a Skinny Hard-Gainer

Welcome to where you can learn the most effective, proven strategies for transforming your body from paper-thin pushover to strong and muscular within a few months.

The truth is that as a hard-gainer (someone lacking good muscle-building genetics, ie you find it hard to gain weight no matter WHAT you try) the vast majority of information out there regarding gaining weight and building muscle is not going to help you all that much and will have you spinning your wheels getting nowhere.

There's a reason that most other guys you see at your local gym will typically have the exact same physique over months and even years, with perhaps the odd few who do get some results (usually average results at best).

Seeing somebody completely transform their physique over time and going from skinny to super muscular is the exception, not the rule.

I'm not trying to have a go at these people who don't get results, I'm simply speaking from experience and what I see time and time again from my decade of experience in this industry (and more importantly, having achieved the body of my dreams - my advice here on this advice would be meaningless without having done so).

So what are these guys (and likely you) missing?

2 things.

  1. More effective weight training AND nutrition strategies that takes into account your body type (most likely an ectomorph - meaning that you're naturally very thin and with a high metabolism making it hard to gain weight even if you eat like a horse on the munchies). As a skinny guy you can't just train like most naturally bigger guys and expect the same results.
  2. The right mindset that will mean you'll actually follow through. It's one thing to have great strategies, but it's another to actually apply them over the long run.

These 2 main core principles are the focus of this entire site, and stumbling here from wherever you found us could very well be a game-changer for you on your journey to building your dream physique and better health.

It's not easy building a great body and having strength, size and physical vitality (it's not JUST about the looks you know) - but boy is it worth the effort. Your life will never be the same again.

Welcome, and remember to apply whatever it is you learn here.

If you're new here I recommend reading the Introduction to Gaining Muscle Mass first and foremost, as well as the training and nutrition basics. 

Wishing you nothing but success,


Start Learning How to Bulk Up and Transform Your Physique Forever

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