Most Muscle-Building Advice for Skinny Guys is Misleading...

Stop wasting your time in the gym & kitchen getting average results like 90% of lifters and learn the effective, science-backed PROVEN ways to build muscle as a skinny "hardgainer" and build the body you've always wanted.

The harsh reality is, the majority of guys and gals who begin a muscle-building and weight-gain program will see average to no results, quit within weeks, and give up on their hopes and dreams of building the muscular, ripped, healthy & attractive physique they've always wanted.

Don't let that be you.

Don't become yet another gym statistic of having all this enthusiasm and energy when first starting out a program..with the grand plan and hope of changing your body into a greek-god like physique of glory..only to find yourself de-motivated, losing steam or straight-up quitting after a few weeks, and then repeating the cycle all over again next year and never actually getting serious results and satisfaction.

The truth is, ANYONE, no matter where you're starting from or what you've tried before, can gain weight and build a significant amount of lean muscle mass to completely transform your physique.

The benefits to doing this are many, and very compelling; it'll change your life, and will spur you to take action in all the other areas of your life, too.

So how do you go about getting great results in the gym/kitchen/life? 

By following PROVEN, effective and science-backed strategies that have worked for others who have been in your EXACT shoes before.

That is - scrawny, weak, and probably straight-up unhealthy.

Most who start off in the gym to build muscle and transform their physique shoot themselves in the foot from the get-go, sabotaging their ability to get results that will keep motivation levels high.

When you're seeing results, it's easy to feel great and want to continue..but unfortunately for most the opposite happens.

Weeks and months go by and you're slaving away in the gym and in the kitchen, trying to eat right, trying to workout right, and seeing little to no results, and then you start wondering if your dream physique is even possible, and whether the hard work is even worth it.

As a hardgainer or beginner, or in other words someone who finds it difficult to gain weight and build muscle no matter what you seem to try, you've got to approach things a little more strategically.

You can't just expect to get life-changing, lasting results if your only source of knowledge is mainstream advice in bodybuilding and fitness magazines, forums, blogs or on TV (*shudders*). Look around at your local gym; how many guys or gals have the physique you actually want?

The reality is 95% of lifters will look roughly the same year after year.

The standard, typical advice given in this industry is littered with myths, poor strategy, bro-science, and often has an agenda behind it AKA being heavily swayed towards selling you over-hyped, heavily-marketed, gimmicky supplements that you DON'T need and that just distracts you from the core fundamentals that most guys and gals miss.

This site is the result of over a decade of studying, testing, tweaking and applying various muscle building programs, diets, and supplements to get to the bottom of what it really takes for the average skinny guy or gal starting out in the gym to ACTUALLY follow through and get amazing, life-changing results to build the muscular, ripped and aesthetic physique of his or her dreams.

I'm Jules, and all the information I share on this site comes from first-hand, real-world experience and years of studying science-backed information from the smartest natural bodybuilders, fitness professionals and thought leaders in this industry.

You can read a bit about me here if you're wondering why you should consider my advice, and if you're new I suggest starting with the basics below.

Become your own real-life superhero

Crucial Fundamentals to Gain Muscle Mass Effectively as a Skinny Hardgainer

In this introduction we cover the important fundamentals of effective weight training and nutrition that cannot be overlooked if you're a skinny hardgainer or ectomorph wanting to start off on the right foot in the gym and kitchen. Get off on the right foot and don't waste your time in the gym and in the kitchen like most beginners do.

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Biggest Bodybuilding Myths That Hurt Beginners
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